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Hills City Council meets Dec. 10
Dec. 10, 2013
Mayor Keith Elbers opened the meeting with the following Council members present:  Keith Elbers, Alan Leenderts, Brad Berkhof. Council Absent: Stacen Burgers and Brian Sandbulte. Employees present: Connie Wiertzema, City Clerk-Treasurer; and Eric Harnack, Public Works Director. Guests: Jared Rozeboom.
The Truth-in-Taxation meeting was opened at 6:05 P.M.
The November 12 minutes were approved – Leenderts/Berkhof, MC.
Payment of the list of City and Fire Department bills were approved, including the Fire Relief Association payment – Leenderts/Berkhof, MC.
Approved the Treasurer’s report, and reviewed the list of delinquent utility accounts. CD’s #64665 and #64566 reinvested for one year, with an additional $2,500 added to CD#64566 – Leenderts/Berkhof, MC.
Resolution 2013-16 designating City funds for year 2014 – Leenderts/Berkhof, MC.
Council approved the Fire Department officers for 2014: Jeff Bass, Fire Chief; Mark Top, Secretary; and Dan Fick, Treasurer – Leenderts/Berkhof, MC.
Council reviewed the City’s current policy on alcohol related rentals in the American Legion building. No changes were made at this time.
A resolution was adopted to accept a donation from Land O’Lakes, and New Vision for funding the handicap sidewalk at Jacobson Park – Berkhof/Leenderts, MC.
Mayor Elbers read a thank you card from Sioux Falls Community Reformed Church for funds given, in return for the floor refinishing work at the Hills American Legion.
No visitors were present for the floodplain public hearing. Prior to closing the public hearing, a motion was made by Brad Berkhof, and seconded by Alan Leenderts to adopt the Floodplain Ordinance. Voting in favor: Berkhof, Leenderts, and Elbers; none opposed, motion carried
No visitors were present for the Truth-in-Taxation meeting. The sales and use tax paid in 2012 was estimated at $6,300. Leenderts made a motion to certify the City’s final adopted 2014 property tax levy in the amount of $123,708. Seconded by Berkhof, none opposed, MC. 
Mayor Elbers reported his findings at the Rock County Rural Water/Lewis & Clark Pipeline public meeting. At this time, it was recommended that the City of Hills take no action. The RCRW/L&C Pipeline water will be piped around the City of Hills, to the farmers located west and north of Hills, and eventually the water will get piped throughout the system and come into Hills. The only advantage to the City of Hills will be the option to get rid of the City’s pumps, and go to direct feed. The City will initiate a plan to set aside funds for replacing the two pumps.
Jared Rozeboom instructed the City not to pay the MES bill dated 11/25/13, these items have been returned; also not to pay the Heiman Fire Equipment bill dated 11/8/13, as more items are forthcoming.
Jared Rozeboom has filed two FEMA grants for a grass/brush fire truck, DOT physicals, and NFPA 1002 driver training; and for 21 coats, 21 pants, 21 helmets, 21 boots, 21 gloves, 21 eye goggles, and 21 flashlights. These grants are matching grants, with the City paying 2.5 percent and Martin Township 2.5 percent.
Discussed with Rozeboom the City and Martin Township’s decision for charging for fire calls, and how the billing works.
The contract payment for Myron Sandbulte for open gym services for year 2012-2013 was approved – Leenderts/Berkhof, MC.
No further discussion, meeting adjourned at 7:41 P.M.
Connie Wiertzema
City Clerk-Treasurer
(These minutes are unofficial and subject to review and amendment by the City Council)
H-BC School Board meets Dec. 30
Hills-Beaver Creek Dist. 671
December 30, 2013
The Hills-Beaver Creek School Board met for its semimonthly meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the Conference Room in Hills.
Board members present were Baker, Fick, Fransman, Gehrke, Kueter, Leuthold and Moser.
Superintendent Holthaus and Business Manager Kuehl were also in attendance.
Chairman Fransman called the meeting to order.
Visitor present at the meeting was Erica Van Wyhe - Hills Crescent.
Motion by Gehrke, second by Moser, and carried to approve the agenda.
The minutes of the last meeting were approved as sent out.
Motion by Baker, second by Leuthold, and carried to approve the bills.
Motion by Fick, second by Kueter, and carried to approve the Student Accounts.
Motion by Gehrke, second by Baker, and carried to approve the following donations: Fischer Masonry for Elementary Special Education Department - $250; Katherine and Wendell Erickson to H-BC Foundation for Scholarship - $1000; Richard and Linda Bakken to K-2nd grade classrooms (5 rooms) - $250.
Motion by Fick, second by Leuthold, and carried to adopt the addition to the facility use document allowing specific groups to utilize facilities at a reduced rate.
Motion by Moser, second by Gehrke, and carried to approve to allow the Business Manager or Superintendent to utilize Electronic Fund Transfer from the District’s Exchange State Bank Debt Service Account for Payment of 2014 Bonds.
Patriot Pride:
          Great first semester for staff and students.
          Arts Academics Athletics Representative – Taylor Wingert
          National Geographic Bee Winners – Dylan Tieszen (champion) and 
            Dawson Leenderts (runner-up)
Mr. Holthaus presented the K-12 / Superintendent report.
Building Committee update was given from the 12/16/13 meeting.
Community Education Advisory update was given from the 12/19/13 meeting.
TAB Committee update was given from the 12/18/13 meeting.
Dates to Remember:
          January 13, 2014                  Regular Scheduled Board and Organizational 
          January 16 and 17, 2014      MSBA Conference
Meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.
Lois Leuthold, Clerk

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