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Weber, Senate GOP announce session priorities

Guest Editorial
the Senate Republican Caucus

Senate Republicans recently announced session priorities that will focus on helping Minnesotans afford everyday life, reducing crime and empowering parents.  
“Senate Republicans are focused on getting Minnesota back on track by making life affordable for Minnesotans, tackling crime, and improving education,” Sen. Bill Weber (R-Luverne) said.
“We focused on the issues important to you, not on how we can increase government spending. With a record surplus, we can return money to Minnesotans and undo the damage that COVID and inflation have caused. We can help businesses recover and get the economy moving so that families have the resources they need to prosper.”
Helping people afford their lives 
The state's projected $7.7 billion surplus will be one of the most discussed items in St. Paul.
Following stubborn and record inflation from runaway congressional spending, Senate Republicans are advancing a series of tax cuts targeted at working Minnesotans, families and seniors to help them afford their everyday life. 
In the last five years, Republicans have secured billions in tax cuts, including exempting most seniors from taxes on social security and the first income rate tax cuts in 20 years. 
Safe communities and law enforcement support 
Another priority this year will be investments in public safety and initiatives to drive down crime.
Senate Republicans plan to quickly address the urgent need to increase Minnesota’s police presence while providing additional tools and resources to fight crime and recruit and retain police officers.
Republicans will also continue to be tough on crime, and address failed progressive policies that reduce or eliminate bail.
They will also introduce legislation increasing penalties for repeat offenders, carjackers, and crimes involving dangerous weapons.
Empowering parents as education partners 
Republicans will also focus on education and getting schools back to the basics of meeting reading and math scores.
The closure of schools due to COVID has been an eye-opening experience for parents across the state. These failed policies have left too many kids behind from COVID learning loss, which Republicans will rapidly address.  
Additionally, parents have raised concerns about their kids’ education coming at the cost of political activism.
To that end, Republicans propose increasing transparency and accountability in school, empowering parents and allowing them to be active partners in their child’s education. 
Senate Republicans have had control of the Senate since 2017 and consistently stopped harmful tax increases on working and low-income Minnesotans.
They stabilized the health care market in 2017 with the very successful reinsurance program and passed record funding for students in schools.
Senate Republicans also continue to reduce burdensome regulations on Main Street businesses and support economic development across the state.

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