Nothing says Christmas like a letter from home

Star Herald Editorial

The Rock County Star Herald is again facilitating a holiday campaign to send Christmas greetings to deployed military men and women serving the United States around the world.

After the first campaign in 2019, more than 600 letters were mailed through the Star Herald’s lighted display in the city park.

We are again collecting letters for service people at our lighted display at the park, and letters can be dropped off at the Star Herald’s Main Street office.

“Our goal this year is 1,000 letters,” said general manager Rick Peterson, who is spearheading the effort again this year. “We’re reaching out to schools, churches, organizations and families.”

After previous years’ responses, he expects to get 1,000 in no time.

“I was moved — overwhelmed — by people who brought them in. Stacks and stacks of them,” Peterson said. “And people really put some thought into them.”

Cards will be collected each week and sent to “Military Missions,” where they’ll be included with care packages to about 8,000 people.

The Star Herald heard responses from service people who had received cards.

“It meant a lot to them,” Peterson said.

If local families have someone serving in the military that they’d like a card sent directly to, the Star Herald will accept those names and addresses to make sure those cards get mailed directly from Luverne.

Don’t put cards in envelopes, don’t use glitter (because it gets on the uniforms), and avoid political messages and lengthy religious discussions (but feel free to let them know you’re praying for them).

Also, don’t date the correspondence, because letters will be sent throughout the year as part of Military Missions care packages.

Organizations encourage greeting cards or homemade creations that start with “Dear Service Member” or “Dear Friend.”

The point of the greeting card campaign is to bring joy to someone.

“Be positive and upbeat,” Peterson said. “Be thankful. Feel free to share a little information about yourself, like hobbies, pets, and what state you’re from.”

Cards will be accepted through the holidays. Questions can be directed to or call 507-283-2333.

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