Have you ever wondered ...?

You have questions? We'll find answers through submissions to 'Curious Rock County'

Have you ever wondered about something you’ve seen or heard about in Rock County or have questions about a story you read in the Star Herald?

If so, we would like to answer questions on what you’re curious about.

We’re calling it “Curious Rock County.”

It’s not an original idea; we’re borrowing it from the Star Tribune.

In 2019 Star Tribune editors launched “Curious Minnesota,” which invites readers to submit questions, and reporters use those questions to research and report on stories.

Curious Minnesota is part of the metro paper’s community-driven reporting project.

The Tribune answered questions such as “Why is a casserole called a ‘hot dish’ in Minnesota?” and “Why can’t Minnesotans figure out how to zipper merge?”

While these questions made stories in the Tribune and were featured on the newspaper’s podcast, we would like questions focused on or in Rock County.

We may also want to talk with those who submit the questions, to find out more of why they’re curious. We’ll do the research and, if it’s an answer worth printing, we’ll put the story in the paper.

Each question submitted should include a name, phone number and an indication of whether or not you want credit for asking the question. We will not research anonymous questions.

For those who are curious, “hot dish” is simply a descriptive phrase originating in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Hot dish described a serving that was heated to keep food warm. Food writers later used hot dish to refer to a meal’s warm entrée.

As far as zipper merging goes, the concept is a simple way to manage traffic when a lane is closed in work zones. Drivers remain in their respective lanes until they reach the designated merge point, and then they’re supposed to take turns falling orderly in line.

Curious about something? Email us or call us with a question.

Submit questions to editor@star-herald.com with “Curious Rock County” in the subject line.

Or call us at 507-283-2333.

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