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So, can an Apple Watch actually show you what time it is?

For What It's Worth
Lead Summary
Rick Peterson, general manager

The topic of a recent office conversation was the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and the new Apple Watch.
Personally, I am not a fan of the Apple Watch and all its bells and whistles.
Have you seen the latest Apple Watch commercial on television? You know someone is wearing an Apple Watch because they more than likely told you how many steps they have taken on any given day.
I don’t need a watch to tell me if I have taken a lot of steps in a day. My feet generally let me know that.
If counting one’s steps wasn’t enough, now the newest Apple Watch can tell you the length of your stride. Really? Why?
The commercial also tells you when you’re doing your daily laps in the swimming pool and whether you’re doing the front stroke or the back stroke. If you don’t know if you are swimming on the stomach or your back without a watch telling you, should you really be in the pool?
Finally, the new Apple Watch can track your temperature while you’re sleeping so it can estimate when you will be ovulating.
The one thing the commercial never mentioned that the watch can do is to do what a watch does … and that is, tell you the time.
The new Apple iPhone pro Max goes for about $1,400. However, depending on which streaming channels or cable stations or social media outlet you follow, I have heard and seen offers for $800 all the way down to free. Keep in mind, free doesn’t always mean free.
Much like the Apple Watch commercials, they are designed to promote all the features it has like really fancy camera, streaming and texting feature, and the fact that you can watch your favorite sporting event or movie, or catch up on the TV show “Yellowstone.”
It may come as a surprise to some of you, but you can actually make a phone call on your cell phone.

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