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Other morning sounds abundant now that constant clammer is absent

For What It's Worth
Lead Summary
Rick Peterson, general manager

It’s been almost a month now that we have been in a virtual state of shutdown.
Social distancing, shelter in place, essential business and hand washing — and now face masks have turned our worlds upside down. But really, has it been that unbearable?
The whole day-to-day lifestyle changes pale in comparison to the mounting worries we are all facing. For me, I find it difficult to be living, working or even paying attention to what I am doing at that particular moment in time.
My mind is worried more about tomorrow than today, more about next week than tomorrow. Honestly, I struggle with how to handle it, so if you find yourself in the same boat, let’s take a little comfort in the fact that we aren’t alone.
I have noticed my sense of hearing has been heightened. You can’t hear it, but that sound of laughter in the background is my wife and co-workers laughing at such a statement.
Actually they are missing the point. While it’s true I still can’t hear what they’re saying most of the time, that’s not my point.
What I am getting at is I hear some sounds more clearly now and appreciate them a whole lot more. I am an early riser so I am outside well before the sun is up.
The traffic noise at that time of day is considerably less and now even more so. The birds have been chirping away and the sound is crystal clear.
The sounds of the big rigs moving up and down the interstate a mile away come across as if I were standing in the Papik car lot.
I can hear the garbage truck coming my way before it crosses Highway 75.
While I am enjoying my clearer sense of hearing these days, there are a number of sounds that I miss.
The sound of the umpire shouting out, “Let’s play ball,” or the sound of “On your marks, get set and then the sound of the starter’s pistol,” or “You’re next on the tee,” or “Whose serve is it?”
As many of you know, one of my bucket list items for this year is to attend at least 12 Sunday services at 12 different churches. I’m sorry to say I am not off to a good start in that quest.
That said, I have an idea, and I need the help of all the churches in town and all across Rock County for the matter. 
Wouldn’t it be cool if all the churches rang their bells at the same time Easter Sunday for five minutes? That would be the best sound these ears of mine could ever hear.
God bless, stay safe and happy Easter.

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