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More Brave Souls agree to leap into the Lake

For What It's Worth
Lead Summary
Rick Peterson, general manager

In a little over two weeks a number of brave souls will be taking the Luverne Leap into freezing waters at The Lake in Luverne.
The leaping starts at 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11.
So far, the list of leapers include Flipper Man, Joshua Crabtree with Sanford, Sheriff Evan Verbrugge, Mike Davis, Dave Duffy, Luverne Mayor Pat Baustian, Jason Oye of Sunshine Foods, state trooper Joel de Cesare, Tim Gust with Rotary, Amanda McDonald of Take 16, Brady Dinger of Dinger Sales and Service LLC, Pat Saum with the Child’s Remembrance Garden, deputy Jeff Stratton, James Roby with Herman Motor, Commissioner Jody Reisch, Knute Oldre with Security Savings Bank, and Reece Carlson of Edward Jones.
For those of you on the fence deciding whether to leap or not, you don’t have to jump for a business. You can go alone like Flipper Man or get a group of friends together and do the unthinkable for a good cause, Luverne Area Community Foundation.
Each leaper has filled out the legal paper work assuring everyone that they are doing this of their own free will and are assuming any risk. That alone should tell you something about the leapers.
Each leaper paid the $25 leaping fee and has to raise at least another $75 in donations for the foundation.
So, if you are an alumnus of the school of common sense and would rather just donate money to the cause, by all means get the checkbook out or Venmo. Or, as always, cash is king.
You can donate to any of the leapers, but, just an FYI, if Flipper Man can raise a $1,000, he has an anonymous donor that will match that $1,000. As of the writing of this column Flipper Man has secured $650 in donations.
Donating is easy.
The old-fashioned way is to just call Emily Crabtree at the LACF office 507-220-2424 and she’ll be happy to help you. You can make your donation in the names of any of the leapers to help them reach their goals.
If you would like to donate in the name of Flipper Man you can drop that off at the Star Herald office or call the office 507-283-2333 and ask for me. I’ll make sure Flipper Man gets it and he’ll get it to the foundation office.
By the way, the public is welcome to come down to The Lake on the day of the leap and cheer on the leapers.

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