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Luverne Minnesota Veterans Home staff serve with valor

A tribute to the staff at the Luverne Minnesota Veterans Home
Lead Summary
Brenda Winter, columnist

For more than a year, Luverne Minnesota Veterans Home staff kept the killer of the elderly, COVID-19, at bay. For more than a year they wore masks and shields. They got vaccinated and washed their hands.
And then it came anyway.
On Tuesday morning, Nov. 2, the Minnesota Veterans Home COVID-19 information line reported (47 on Sunday)_____ cases among staff and residents.
As you and I have noted the unusually beautiful fall colors, the bluest of blue skies and the November grass still-green, staff at the Luverne Minnesota Veterans Home have not.
They have been running from room to room, trying to help the old guys (and gals) they love battle Covid.
They’ve had to turn off their “nurse hearts” and walk away when a desperately lonely resident says, “Please sit. Please stay, just a little longer,” because someone in another room needs them, too.
With the arrival of cold weather, the closed windows and doors create a container filled with staff, residents and the Covid virus.
Young moms wonder if they should go to work. What are they bringing home to their kids? Those with an immunocompromised or elderly family member are concerned.
Sometimes staff cry in the hallway. “These are my guys …” one nurse explained with a catch in her voice.
Some call in sick but most show up. Like the men and women they serve, the staff at the Luverne Minnesota Veterans Home has served, and is serving, with valor.
They’re fighting a different kind of battle against an invisible enemy. They prepare meals, clean rooms, do laundry, pass out meds and smile as much as possible.
As our country prepares to observe Veterans Day this year on Nov 11, say a little prayer of thanks for the men and women who have fought for our nation’s freedom.
And then add one more for the men and women continuing to serve with valor at the Luverne Minnesota Veterans Home.

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