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For an LACF donation, Flipper Man will make reappearance

For What It's Worth
Lead Summary
Rick Peterson, general manager

Flipper Man will come out of retirement to take the leap for Reezin’ for Freezin’ Luverne Leap at The Lake on Saturday, Feb. 11.
The Rock County Sheriff’s Department is organizing the Luverne Lake Leap, Reezin’ for Freezin,’ as a fundraiser for the Luverne Area Community Foundation Grant Fund.
Flipper Man has quietly been a longtime supporter of the Luverne Community Foundation, and he has agreed to jump into the freezing waters of The Lake to show support and raise some money.
Flipper Man has only made one public appearance in Luverne, and that was on Halloween maybe 15 years ago, give or take a year or two.
Those that may have witnessed the Flipper Man’s Halloween appearance may recall it as a sight they have not yet been able to erase from their memory.
News of the Reezin’ for Freezin’ Leap into the Lake fundraiser was just announced last week, and hearty soles are already starting to sign up to take the plunge. It’s always amazed me what people will do to help raise money for a worthy cause.
People will take a pie to the face or shave their head for a cause. I’m sure you might remember the Ice Bucket challenge that was a huge success on social media a few years back that raised millions of dollars.
People jumping into freezing water commonly known as the Polar Plunge have to be the bravest or the craziest. I give Flipper Man two thumps up for committing to take the Reezin’ for Freezin’ Leap.
By the way, Flipper Man has told me he is trying to raise $1,000 for the fundraiser, and in addition to that, he has an anonymous donor that will match the $1,000 to make it a total of $2,000 for the Foundation Grant fund.
If you would like to help Flipper Man reach his goal, you can call me at the Star Herald office at 507-283-2333 to donate, or stop by the office and drop off your donation.
If you would like to take the Leap yourself and be a part of the fundraising effort, contact Emily Crabtree at the Luverne Area Community Foundation office at 507-220-2424.
I’ll ask Emily for updates and keep you posted as to who and how many people have signed up to join Flipper Man in the Reezin’ for Freezin’ Leap into the Lake.

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