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Christmas comes early in the Peterson household

For What It's Worth
Lead Summary
Rick Peterson, general manager

Thanksgiving is in the books for another year and Christmas is just weeks away … that is, for most of you.
The Petersons are celebrating Christmas this coming weekend. Our kids and their families will be coming to Luverne from North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and, of course, Minnesota.
With busy work, school and sports schedules, it seems getting together at Christmas just doesn’t work.
This isn’t the first year, and no doubt won’t be the last year, we gather together for Christmas on a day other than Dec. 25.
There are some benefits to celebrating Christmas early. You get your shopping done before many people even start theirs, and of course the return lines are shorter. Because it’s too late, Cyber Monday is a non-event.
Also, you can start your post-holiday diet weeks earlier.
As I think about it, we celebrated Christmas last year the first week of December as well. When we reminisce about that gathering, we refer to it as last year’s Christmas.
I know it sounds like I am complaining about getting the family together at a time other than on Christmas Day, but I am not.
I know there are families out there with circumstances such as travel, other family commitments, maybe health issues, that prevent them from making a trip home, or maybe they are serving in the military stateside or even in other parts of the world.
 The Star Herald can help bring a little Christmas cheer to our service men and women.
We are collecting greeting cards again this year that will be sent off to military personnel around the world. There are some guidelines that need to be followed, and you can find those on page 14 in today’s Star Herald.
May you have a Merry Christmas whenever you are celebrating it.

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