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Bits By Betty

1923: Thrift week encouraged footwear repair
Lead Summary
By Betty Mann, Rock County Historical Society President

The following appeared in the Rock County Herald on August 31, 1923:
But Two Days Remain of Nationally Designated Period for Promoting Health, Comfort, Economy
Two more days of Shoe Thrift Week still remain, the week which has been set aside the nation over for the shoe repair trade, when everybody is urged to have their old shoes repaired and thus make a saving in footwear expenses. But there is no reason why the spirit of the week should not be carried out throughout the month of September.
“Have ’em repaired,” is the slogan which has been adopted by shoe repair men and jobbers all over the country during shoe thrift week. And in keeping with this idea, Luverne shoe shops are putting forth special efforts in order to most efficiently handle the greater volume of business which has been coming in.
National shoe thrift week had been created for the purpose of redeeming a great part of the perfectly good leather which is wasted each year in the form of worn shoes. In this county alone, it is held, hundreds of pairs of shoes are discarded each year merely because the soles are worn or the heels are run down. This amounts to a tremendous waste of leather and money, which is wholly unnecessary when the shoes can be repaired and give the wearer several more months of service and comfort.
Shoe repairers point out that now is also an opportune time to have the school children’s shoes repaired, to get them ready for the hard wear they will receive and to insure the children’s health and comfort during the cold and rainy fall season.
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