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What a friend we have in Jesus

Built on a Rock
Pastor Ann Zastrow, Grace Lutheran Church, Luverne

How would you answer this question: Why do you come to church?
Some may answer because it is what they have always done. Others may say because they like fellowship with friends.
Perhaps children like Sunday school classes or Vacation Bible School and being with friends. Youth may say so they can do fun youth activities, to fulfill confirmation requirements, or to hang out with friends.
Sometimes grandparents come to see the children’s choir sing, or a Christmas program.
How about coming to church for non-Sunday activities or events, such as choir practice, Bible studies or quilting?
Or maybe you attend the funeral of a friend or neighbor, or eat at a church dinner, or participate in an AA or other type of meeting held in the building.
All of these are legitimate reasons for coming to church, but I hope that you get more out of church than just socializing and activities! I hope you get to make a new friend – Jesus.
There are many places where you can see friends, eat food and learn. There are many chances for people to do service projects and have fun. But these places do not necessarily have the opportunity to get to know and learn about Jesus, and discover how Jesus, and faith, can be an important part of life.
Sharing the ups and downs of life is something that people often do with friends or spouses, but there is a limit to what humans can do to help in such situations. A listening ear or word of advice may be welcome, but it not always available.
That’s where having a relationship with Jesus comes in. Jesus is always available and willing to listen. You can always take your joys and concerns to God, to Jesus, in prayer.
There is no one right way to pray. Prayer can be formal or informal, out loud or silent. Whatever it looks or sounds like, God hears ALL prayers.
So, if a person wants to learn how to pray, discover how to share their life with God, and meet friends old and new, where would they go?
Why, to church! In the midst of all the events and activities, they learn about Jesus. They learn about God’s great love for us. They find others who are on the same journey, also putting their trust in God, and supporting one another through life.
You may come to church for the social, learning and service reasons listed above, but in the process you’ll learn about how Jesus is active in your life.
Check out churches online or in person, and discover that we, that you, DO have a friend in Jesus.

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