Two triathlons coming to Luverne

Luverne is set to host two triathlons in July.

The Davis Lake Triathlon will be a part of the activities planned for July 4 at The Lake at the end of West Edgehill Street.

A mini race will begin at 9 a.m. That event will include 0.3 miles of kayaking, two miles of bike riding and a one-mile run.

The main triathlon will begin at 10 a.m. July 4. Plans include kayaking for 0.5 miles, a nine-mile bike ride, and a 2.5-mile run.

Helmets must be worn for the bike portion of each race.

The triathlon can be raced individually or as a two- or three-person team.

If completed as a team, each person will complete a leg individually, except for the running portion, which can be broken down into two parts if desired.

Registration for the Davis Lake Triathlon is now open at

Local athletes can also stop by the Chamber of Commerce to register for either event.

A special rate of $15 for the mini race and $20 for the triathlon is available at the Chamber until June 30.

Registration includes entry to the race, T-shirt, food and beverage after the race, awards, and a chance to win door prizes.

The annual Wienerman World Championships will again be July 14 in conjunction with Luverne’s Hot Dog Night.

Registration for that event is also open at

New to the Wienerman race this year is a one-person solo division that will include the same race with food portions cut in half.

A half-portion team division has also been added this year. This option will also include the same race with the food portions for all eating challenges cut in half.

Questions for either race can be directed to Dave Duffy at 507-920-3345 or

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