Runners begin the Buffalo Days Fun Run at the Sanford Luverne parking lot June 4. The event drew 65 runners of all ages.

Buffalo Days attracts 65 runners

Annual fun run includes kids' half-mile, 5K and 10K events

More than sixty-five runners participated in the annual Buffalo Days Fun Run on Saturday, June 4 in Luverne.

The event, organized by Sanford Luverne, included 5K and 10K races for men and women and a half-mile kids fun run.

The top two finishers in seven different age categories were provided by Sanford Luverne:


Men’s 5K

15 years and under: Joseph Mensen, first; Henry Hartquist, second
16-20: Dalton Desollar, first
30-39: Lucas Peters, first; Ryan Behr, second
40-49: Scott Mensen, first; Eric Kiers, second
50-59: Dan Burns, first
60 and over: Doug Bakkene, first; Dave Iverson, second


Women’s 5K

15 years and under: Claire Baustian, first; Tori Serie, second
16-20: Naomie Daniel, first; Charlotte Mensen, second
21-29: Brit Sandager, first; Katelyn Eeten, second
30-39: Kristy Fick, first; Sara Hartquist, second
40-49: Cristal Serie, first; Sonya Stark, second

50-59: Lexi Shaffer, first; Brenda Johnson, second


Men’s 10K

16-20: Ian Iverson, first
30-39: Justin Moss, first; Tom Eggebrecht, second

40-49: Barry Fischer, first
60 and over: Tim Kunzman, first


Women’s 10K

16-20: Carli Hulstein, first; Ellen Dahl, second
40-49: Amy Tripp, first


Half-mile Kids Fun Run
7 years and under: Ben Hartquist, first; Marty Fick, second
8-9 years: Sage Viessman, first; Carter Sehr, second
10-12 years: Natalie Chanthavong, first

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