Renovation work priced

Cost estimates range between $80,000 and $100,000 to renovate the basement locker rooms in the Hills-Beaver Creek High School, according to Superintendent Tom Knoll.

Representatives from the architect firm Spitznagel's visited the sight and offered Knoll estimates for construction plans.

Costs to construct a 5,780 square feet addition with locker rooms and a community fitness center off the south side of the gym would be approximately $500,000, according to Knoll. Construction costs break down to about $89 per sqare foot.

"We have a fund balance, but I don't recommend you proceed with a $500,000 project," Knoll said. Knoll recommended that the board not deplete the district's general fund for the project.

Other board members seemed to agree that the figure is high, even with financial contributions from the city of Hills.

"I agree this figure is too much. If the figures aren't there we need to look at other options with less square footage," said board member Ann Boeve. " We need to visit with the city again to see what they are willing to contribute."

Band Trip

In other school business Monday night, Dawn Griepp represented the Music Parents Association with a request for music students to travel the first week of April. Possible destinations include Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver, or Winnipeg. The MPA is collecting cost estimates for each destination.

Griepp said students would attend a show and not perform or the seven band members not in choir would join for the trip and the choir would perform. Band instruments would be left home to decrease travel and insurance costs.

The board encouraged Griepp and the MPA to incorporate both a performance and a musical educational experience into the trip.

"I would rather see them perform," said Rollie Crawford. "Tours are for showing off talent."


The server at the elementary school was struck by lightning the last week in October. The new server under consideration would increase Internet sites at the school. The district will receive some insurance reimbursement.

Boiler repair

A motion passed to update the high school boiler during the summer of 2001 after the board reviews quotes.


Attendance at secondary conferences was 85%. All but one family attended elementary conferences.

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