Remember When May 7, 2020

10 years ago (2010)

•Forty years equals 1,920 weeks, 14,600 days and 322,560 hours.

Rewind that many years, weeks, days and hours — the Rock County Highway Department’s building is 5 years old, and its new office manager is Ed Kraayenhof.

Back to the present, Kraayenhof is getting ready for his last day in the RCHD building. After 40 years he will retire Friday, May 21.


25 years ago (1995)

•Beth Kalass, Luverne, was back to work at Scotty’s Thursday, as usual. Nothing in her manner would indicate anything has changed in her life, but her big news is posted on the sign outside the popular local bar and restaurant. “It reads, “Our Beth won $100,000.”

Beth was at work Wednesday night when the lottery numbers were announced on television.

“I watched the numbers on TV. I wrote them down. We always do that so we can show people. I went back to the kitchen to close it down and I checked my tickets. I let out a scream.”

She had indeed won $100,000 on the five numbers 5-15-24-42-44.

The 26-year-old Hardwick native purchased two tickets earlier in the day, as she often does. One ticket used numbers with family birthdays, and one ticket was a quick pick.

“The quick pick is the one I hit on,” she said, adding, “People are tickled that somebody from this area won it.”

Wednesday night she and her ticket got a police escort home from work. She hid her winning ticket in a small safe under a pile of towels in the clothes dryer.

Carrying the safe, she and her husband, Terry, traveled to the Twin Cities Thursday evening to stay with friends so they could turn in the ticket and claim her prize at lottery headquarters Friday morning.


50 years ago (1970)

•Jack Bressler suffered a broken leg and is currently a patient in McKennen Hospital, Sioux Falls, following an unusual accident at the School Bus garage on W. Dodge last Wednesday afternoon.

Bressler reportedly is said to have just returned from his route and walked over to another bus where two co-workers were performing minor adjustments to the engine. Unable to see Bressler behind the massive hood of the bus, one of the workers started the vehicle and it lurched forward pinning Bressler to the garage wall.

As of this week, Tuesday, doctors have not set the leg because of the swelling but they have informed Mrs. Bressler that the cast will probably go on in the latter part of the week. They described the injury as a “clean” break below the right knee and consider Mr. Bressler in good condition.


75 years ago (1945)

•Two cars were stolen from the streets of Luverne on two successive nights, County Sheriff Roberts reported yesterday.

On Sunday night, a 1934 Chevrolet coach, owned by Russell Tower, was taken from in front of his home. It has not been located.

On Monday evening, a 1936 Ford Coach, owned by S. G. Franks, a magazine salesman working here, was taken from its parking place on Freeman avenue, just off Main street. It was later located in Sioux Falls and returned here.


100 years ago (1920)

•A change in the ownership of the New Meat market took place the latter part of last week, when Morris Behnke and Chris Nelson, who had conducted the business since last December, sold to A. M. Le Lapp and W. M. Ellis. The purchasers were given possession Tuesday.

The Messrs, DeLapp & Ellis sold the market last December to the Messrs, Behnke and Nelson, and until recently had conducted a meat market at Rock Rapids, which they sold in order to again engage in business here.

The retiring firm will likely re-engage in business, in this city, for at the time they sold, Mr. Behnke had a market at Weyauwega, Wis., that required his personal attention, but at about the same time that the Luverne market changed hands. Mr. Behnke succeeded in disposing of the shop at Weyauwega.

The Messrs, DeLapp & Ellis will give their undivided attention to the local meat market. Mr. DeLapp and his family arrived Wednesday from Rock Rapids to again make their home here.


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