Remember When April 2, 2020

10 years ago (2010)

•Duane and Mary Pike don’t have business degrees, but they’ve more than paid their dues for college tuition.

After 40 years of buying and selling new and used furniture, they’ve learned what sells and what doesn’t.

For example, they once found an overstuffed couch on a rummage sale that they assumed would turn a profit.

“It was beautiful, with a wingback and oversized arms,” Mary said. “It was only $5, but it was huge. It took up all that space on the floor for a year, and we ended up selling it for $5.”

That, they said, was a tuition payment. …

Duane’s Furniture, now known as Brown Church Antiques, is going out of business and the Pikes are retiring. …

With both of them 77 years old, this time they mean it when they say they’re retiring.


25 years ago (1995)

•Fraser Norton, Hills, began duties Monday as Rock County’s new Extension educator after University of Minnesota hiring staff gave him the official nod last week.

According to the statement on the back of his new business cards, Fraser’s mission as the new Extension agent is “to involve people in improving the quality of life and enhancing the economy and the environment through education, applied research and through the resources of the University of Minnesota.”

While this is all well and good, Norton said he intends to serve Rock County from the bottom up with his first hurdle being to familiarize himself with the community and the people he will serve.” I really want to get out there and find out what farmers are having problems with and work with them to resolve those problems,” he said Monday.

Norton said he plans to familiarize himself with the area and its issues by attending as many meetings as possible to meet people. He will arrange to meet farmers at their home when possible.


50 years ago (1970)

•It was love at first sight at the South Dakota State Fair last fall when 13-year-old Brad Beers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Beers, Route 2, Luverne, first met “Misty.”

Misty was different from the others Brad had met and he vowed she would be his. Mr. Beers sensed his son’s attraction and made the proper arrangements. And now, Brad and the object of his affection live happily together at the Beers’ farm.

Misty is a Queensland Blue Heeler, more commonly known as an Australian Cattle Dog. “Both names are correct,” says Mrs. Beers, “they’re both on the pedigree.”

The breed is very rare in the United States, let alone being non-existent in Rock County, so Brad along with his 15-year-old brother, Scott, kept their eyes and ears open in a search for a male of the species thinking of the future financial advantages of having a bunch of little heelers. Eventually, a lead came filtering in of the possibility that they might obtain a mate for Misty in Washington state. Inquiries were favorable and in February, Scott acquired “Snicker,” a four-month-old pup.


75 years ago (1945)

•Lloyd Paul, local high school instructor, this week accepted the position of superintendent of schools at Magnolia for the coming year.

Mr. Paul taught in the Magnolia high school for one year prior to his going into the army. He was granted an honorable discharge last October, and came here about December 1. F. C. Cam, present superintendent, will go to Welcome, Minn. to accept a similar position.

Mr. Paul will attend summer school at the University of Minnesota this summer.


100 years ago (1920)

•The northwest quarter of section 31, Beaver Creek township known as the C. H. Baldwin farm, was sold at auction Tuesday for $313.50 an acre. The purchasers were Henry Rogness, N. H. and Martin A. Sundem.

This farm was owned by N. B. Kahler, who purchased it from Mr. Baldwin in November, 1916, at $23,000, the seller taking in property at Beaver Creek, valued at $6,000.

In connection with the sale of the farm Mr. Kahler disposed of his livestock and implements and the total receipts from the sale of the real estate and personal property was in excess of $57,000.


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