Remember When

10 years ago (2007)

•Luverne City Council members approved a five-year capital improvement plan for the Luverne Municipal Airport totaling more than $3 million.

The five-year plan is submitted to the state on an annual basis and becomes a planning tool for the city, state and federal government.

According to the plan approved by the council Tuesday night, the design of the new runway has been approved for 2007 at $150,000.

In 2008 land acquisition has ben approved at $510,000 and includes legal work, surveying and appraisals.


25 years ago (1992)

•A Des Moines, Iowa, company selling business membership cards in Luverne last week has Luverne Chamber of Commerce Executive Secretary Norma DeJongh “royally upset.”

DeJongh said she received calls throughout the week from Luverne residents who were concerned about the unsolicited phone calls. ...

The company, Magnum Communications, visited Luverne businesses about two months ago and offered them a free promotion, DeJongh said. The businesses signed up, and each offered a special. Last week, the company began calling residents, offering them a $40 card that would entitle them to the specials offered by the 14 Luverne businesses that signed up.

DeJongh said the company isn’t doing anything illegal, but she feels it isn’t being truthful. ...

DeJongh said she told a company representative the Luverne Chamber wouldn’t endorse or support the sale of the cards. But when making the calls, DeJongh said the company told people the Chamber was “aware” of the promotion, and that she’s afraid many people will think the Chamber is involved.


50 years ago (1967)

•The new Worthington diesel generating unit at the municipal power plant is meeting its reliability requirements above and beyond its specifications according to City Administrative Assistant Richard Stevens.

The engine, which has been in operation a number of different times, was tested all last weekend, after the new switch engine was energized. All automatic controls functioned as they were intended to, Stevens said.

The output of the equipment was in excess of the name-plate capability of 3,500 KW to give the municipal plant a total generating capacity of 7,500 KW.


75 years ago (1942)

•Donald Reeder, 34, Oldham, S.D., serving a life sentence for a bank robbery in Hardwick, May 28, 1942, has entered a plea for pardon through Richard Torrison, local attorney. Reeder was convicted and committed to the state prison September 15, 1941, after one of his two companions tuned state’s evidence culminating in his arrest at Virginia, Minn.

Reeder and the other two men entered the Hardwick bank shortly before noon on the day of the robbery, and while one of them was obtaining 25 pennies in exchange for a quarter, the other two men entered the bank and staged the holdup. They escaped with $3,100. It was later learned that they drove from Hardwick to Superior Wis., where they divided the loot.


100 years ago (1917)

•Under a deal consummated last week John C. Mannigel purchased the controlling interest in the Coffey-Miller Grain Co., of this city, which was owned by J.P. Coffey. For the present the company will continue to do business under the same name.

Mr. Mannigel has been manager of the company since last July , and for five years prior to that had charge of the E.A. Brown elevator at Hardwick. ...

In the sale Mr. Coffey took as part payment Mr. Mannigel’s residence property in Hardwick

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