Sept. 3 On the record


Dispatch report

Aug. 21

•Complainant reported her roommate has been harassing her and there are other issues.

•Dispatcher received an alarm from a business. Contacted keyholder.

•Complainant reported noise and black marks on the road on E. Crawford Street.

•Dispatcher received a 911 call with no one on the line. It appears to be a phone issue, according to the deputy.

•Complainant reported that she had her dog at the park and a deputy told her she could not have him there. There are no signs that she sees and thinks they are just targeting her because she is Hispanic. Deputy will talk to her about the city ordinances.

•Complainant reported a juvenile female hitting her, swearing and screaming. Dispatch could hear a lot of screaming in the background. Deputy took one juvenile to Southwest Mental Health.

•Dispatcher received many 911 calls from a 911 phone in the area. There was a young child on the other end. Sent deputy.

•Complainant requested a welfare check on a child because the child’s mother is mad at him.

•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy about custody issues and problems.

•Complainant reported damaged board at railroad crossing on 70th Ave. and County Rd. 4.

•Complainant reported subject contacted her in violation of the order for protection.

Aug. 22

•Deputy conducted a traffic stop. Driver advised the car was just purchased so deputy told her to bring in insurance and current registration. Driver was also warned for curfew. Deputy spoke with subject’s mother and advised her of what was going on.

•Deputy conducted a traffic stop. Driver was driving after revocation. G&S was contacted for a tow.

•Complainant reported a runaway male; middle eastern male, 16 years old, 5’9, 150 lbs., brown eyes, black hair wearing a bright orange shirt and gray sweatpants. It is possible he got into a vehicle and fled to Sioux Falls. Notified Sioux Falls also.

Aug. 23

•Complainant reported a man sitting in an older gold four-door car by the hospital. He may have been drinking. When deputy arrived, man was in the hospital.

•Complainant reported someone stole her son’s bike. 18-inch, gray, unknown model, 1800 on frame in white letters and red ring on tires.

•Complainant reported custody issues and other problems with the mother.

•Complainant reported subject flew down her street in a silver Alero at a high rate of speed. Will sign a complaint.

•Complainant reported a bike lying in her yard. Bike was stolen earlier and returned to owner.

•Complainant reported his electricity went out about five minutes ago. Contacted on call person with the city.

•Complainant reported her husband’s cell phone got a call from 507-220-4524. Subject said she was Shelby and she didn’t know where her parents were. Complainant called the number back and the same girl answered. Contacted Spring Valley Police Department and they don’t have any information on the number but will do some checking.

Aug. 24

•Reserved for POR update.

•Complainant reported she just got out of jail and she blames a family member for getting her into trouble. Complainant also said this family member is driving and does not have a valid license.

•Complainant reported possible sex offense that occurred in Luverne several years ago.

•Complainant reported someone knocked over his mailbox sometime between Aug. 20 and Aug. 21. Also reported someone shot a stop sign at 100th Ave. and 11th St. in the westbound lane with a shotgun.

•Complainant reported a tan SUV hit the curb multiple times while heading northbound on Blue Mound Avenue.

•Complainant requested extra patrol on S. Donaldson Street as the construction on Hwy. 75 has many people speeding up and down their street.

•Complainant reported a TV was thrown into the ditch at 21st Street and 70th Avenue.

•Complainant reported a man in a bus ran out of gas and is in a parking lot along Hwy. 75. Gone upon deputy’s arrival.

Aug. 25

•Complainant reported issues with threats form his ex about not letting him see his kids.

•Reserved for info on narcotics.

•Complainant reported that yesterday subject was driving around with alcohol in the vehicle and complainant believes he may have been drinking and driving.

•Complainant requested deputies for a disorderly person.

Aug. 26

•Complainant reported a big pile of cow manure on the side of the road at 121st St. and 110th Ave. Complainant requested we send a deputy out to check on it.

•Dispatch received an abandoned 911 call. Called back and complainant stated she must have accidentally dialed 911.

•Dispatch received a 911 call with loud music on the other end. Misdial.

Aug. 27

•Reserved for narcotic laws.

•Complainant reported theft of a wallet out of a vehicle during the night. Debit card and cash were stolen and debit card was used in town.

•Complainant brought in some keys that were found on N. Freeman Ave. Notified owner to pick them up.

•Complainant reported some family/child issues.

•Reserved for a search warrant.

•Complainant requested a welfare check on subject. Deputy took subject to the Emergency Room to be checked out.

•Complainant reported a vehicle ran the stop arm on the bus coming out of Country Cupboards.

•Complainant reported that subject spit in her face after being told to leave.

•Complainant reported theft of a laptop from a vehicle sometime overnight.

•Complainant reported a smoky smell and it is hazy around S. McKenzie St. Complainant thinks lightning may have struck. Deputy checked the area but found nothing and didn’t smell anything at that time.

•Complainant reported he has men that are going to storm subject’s house and steal his kid back if we don’t do anything about the family and child situation.

In addition, officers responded to 4 motor vehicle accidents, 3 transports, 2 funeral escorts, 11 ambulance runs, 1 paper service, 4 animal complaints, 1 false alarm, 1 gas drive-off, 7 log/alarm sheets, 7 drug court tests, and issued 13 purchase/carry permits and 4 burn permits.


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