On the Record May 8-14, 2020

Dispatch report

May 8

•Complainant conducted inspection for a warning ticket.

•Deputy assisted motorist on County Road 13, just west of Hills.

•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue reported a civil issue.

May 9

•Deputy reported a suspicious vehicle on N. Blue Mound Avenue.

•Motor vehicle theft was reported.

•Report of lost property.

May 10

•Deputy reported suspicious vehicle on S. Kniss Avenue.

May 11

•Complainant on N. Freeman Avenue reported a break-in.

•Deputy arrested subject on warrant.

May 12

•Complainant on 2nd Street, Kanaranzi, conducted an investigation on possible theft.

•Complainant on W. Hatting Street requested to speak to a deputy.

•Complainant on Evergreen Drive reported a strange call.

•Complainant on W. 1st Street, Hills, reported a stolen trailer.

•Complainant on 161st Street reported a sign was knocked over.

•Complainant at sale barn reported harassing communication.

May 13

•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue reported a trespasser.

•Accident was reported at location of W. Main Street, Magnolia.

•Complainant on N. Donaldson Street reported kids with BB gun at location.

•Complainant reported threats.

•Assault was reported at location on N. Freeman Avenue.

•Complainant was given assistance with housing and bus ticket.

•Complainant on S. Church Avenue, Hills, reported children using ATV on city streets.

•Property was found at location on S. Kniss Avenue.

•Report of vehicle speeding at location westbound on Interstate 90, just east of Luverne exit.

•Illegal burning was reported at location on S. Freeman Avenue.

May 14

•Parking issue was reported at location on S. East Park Street.

•Complainant requested to speak to an investigator.

•Complainant on E. Dodge Street reported harassment.

•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported trespassing issue.

•Trespassing issue was reported on S. Kniss Avenue.

•Complainant on E. Hatting gravel road reported trespassing.

•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported a driver with an open container.

In addition, officers responded to 2 deer accidents, 7 escorts, 15 ambulance runs, 1 parking violation, 4 animal complaints, 17 burn permits, 3 vehicle impounds, 3 alarms, 1 driver’s license check, 2 alarms, 5 purchase and carry permits, 1 stalled vehicle, 6 traffic stops, 9 abandoned 911 calls, 2 tests, and 4 welfare checks.

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