On the Record May 15-21, 2020

Dispatch report

May 15

•Complainant on Berkshire Lane, Maple Grove, reported locating stolen skid loader.

•Complainant on W. Hatting Street reported an accident.

•Complainant on W. Dodge Street reported people going too fast in the alley.

•Complainant on S. Freeman Avenue reported a race car driving recklessly near the grain bins.

•Deputy on N. Kniss Avenue requested deputy for standby for a patient discharge.

•Complainant on W. Mead Court reported a drunk male is threatening a female party.

•Complainant on Spring and Lincoln streets reported two people shining a laser pointer in window.

May 16

•Complainant on Main Street and Kniss Avenue reported a homeless lady hanging around.

•Complainant in Sioux Falls reported a father took his child out of the state.

•Complainant on W. Hatting Street reported a woman sitting outside his door.

•Subject reported she is homeless and requesting assistance.

•Subject is requesting information for his friend.

May 17

•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported someone is shooting at him.

•Complainant on 50th Avenue and 181st Street, Jasper, reported a rollover.

May 18

•Assistance from another department was requested on 140th Avenue, Hardwick.

•Complainant on N. Estey Street reported theft from vehicle.

•Complainant on W. Crawford Street reported theft from vehicle in his garage.

•Report of four young boys riding scooters in the roadway at location on W. Lincoln Street.

•Suspicious activity was reported at location on W. Lincoln Street.

•Suspicious activity was reported at location on Highway 75.

May 19

•Complainant found a wallet on E. Barck Avenue and N. McKenzie Street.

•Complainant in Des Moines requested information on a past contact with RCSO.

May 20

•Complainant on E. Second Street, Beaver Creek, reported a subject is missing.

•Complainant on 161st Street and 100th Avenue reported a reckless driver.

•Complainant in Sioux Falls reported threats.

May 21

•Complainant on County Highway 17 and 31st Street, Hills, reported erratic driving.

Complainant reported harassing communication.

•Complainant on E. Main Street reported that she feels threatened.

•Complainant on 200th Avenue, Kenneth, reported trespassing in fields.

•Complainant on W. Warren Street reported an unlicensed solicitor.

•Complainant at The Lake reported an abandoned vehicle.

•Complainant on 131st Street, Beaver Creek, reported a suspicious vehicle.


In addition, officers responded to 7 escorts, 19 ambulance runs, 1 parking violation, 3 paper services, 11 animal complaints, 1 fingerprint request, 12 burn permits, 1 background check, 1 driver’s license check, 4 alarms, 8 purchase and carry permits, 1 stalled vehicle, 6 traffic stops, 10 abandoned 911 calls, 3 tests, 3 welfare checks and 2 reports of cattle out.

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