On the Record April 30-May 8

Dispatch report

April 30

•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported property damage.

May 1

•Complainant on County Road 4 reported a stolen vehicle.

•Complainant on 11th Street, Hills, reported increased traffic speeding due to road construction.

•Complainant on Church Avenue and 2nd Street, hills, reported children riding 4-wheelers.

•Complainant on W. Main Street reported a possible intoxicated driver.

•Complainant on Warren Street and Fassett Street, reported minor accident with property damage.

May 2

•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported she was rear-ended.

•Complainant on N. Spring Street reported a man needs help getting to his apartment.

•Complainant westbound on Interstate 90, mile marker, 5, Beaver Creek, reported a driving complaint.

•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue requested assistance at location.

May 3

•Complainant westbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 18, Magnolia, reported an accident at location with no injuries.

•Complainant at Rez Park in Hills reported 4-wheelers and golf carts at Rez.

•Deputy patrolled area along the Minnesota/Iowa state line for traffic violations.

•State Trooper requests assistance southbound on County Road 4 from Interstate 90, Beaver Creek.

•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported theft and property damage.

•Complainant on US Highway 75, Luverne, reported damage to a vehicle tire.

•Report of a warrant in Iowa.

•Complainant on 141st Street, Luverne, reported a civil money issue.

•Trespassing issue was reported at location on 141st Street, Luverne.

•Complainant on S. Second Street, Beaver Creek, reported someone is intentionally trying to make him sick.

May 5

•Complainant on W. Bishop Street reported burglary.

•Complainant reported property found.

•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported an unruly guest.

May 6

•Complainant requested property be returned to his former employer.

•Complainant in Hills reported a scammer contacted his father.

•Complainant on S. Kniss Street requested a deputy to verify VIN.

•Complainant on Central Lane reported a subject shooting a pellet gun in town.

•Complainant on W. Lincoln Street reported threatening behavior.

May 7

•Complainant at Blue Mound State Park reported vandalism.

•Complainant on W. Bishop Street reported someone went through his garage.

•Complainant requested assistance.

May 8

•An inspection for a

warning ticket was conducted.

•Deputy assisted motorist on County Road 13, just west of Hills.

•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue reported a civil issue.

In addition, officers responded to 2 deer accidents, 9 escorts, 26 ambulance runs, 9 paper services, 4 animal complaints, 18 burn permits, 1 vehicle impound, 3 alarms, 4 purchase and carry permits, 1 traffic stop, 12 abandoned 911 calls, 4 tests, 1 welfare check, 3 follow-ups and 1 report of cattle being out.

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