On the record

Dispatch report­

May 18

•­Sheriff in Hardwick for eviction notice.

•Complainant requested deputy check Steen for juvenile.

•Complainant reported neighbor’s dog is not on a leash and other neighbor parks inappropriately on Fairview Drive.

•Complainant reported vehicle speeding through Kanaranzi and in the country.

•Complainant requested eviction summons be served in Kenneth.

•Complainant requested eviction summons be served on Cedar Street.

•Complainant requested to transport a vagrant in Magnolia.

•Complainant reported the theft from a store on Main Street. She has the names of the girls.

•Complainant reported a gas drive-off on Kniss Ave.

•Complainant reported subject for erratic driving in Hills.

May 19

•Complainant reported a loud noise disturbance/gun shots in Valley Springs.

•Minnehaha picked up subject on Rock County Sheriff’s Office warrant.

•Deputy reported stalled vehicle on Highway 75. Has help coming.

•Complainant reported he was supposed to pick up the kids on Pine Drive and his ex head-butted his girlfriend.

•Complainant reported an accident on Main Street.

•Received multiple phone calls of noise disturbance. Appears to be fireworks.

•Deputy with vehicle at Schoneman Park.

May 20

•Complainant reported going to the north in Kenneth, there are a lot of mud clumps on the highway.

•Complainant reported there is about to be a shooting on Cedar Street. There are guns.

•Complainant reported suspicious activity on Main Street.

May 21

•Deputy conducted a follow-up on a previous incident.

•Report of kids hitting baseballs against a house on Bishop Street.

•Accident reported on County Road 4.

•Complainant came to Law Enforcement Center and requested to speak with deputy regarding parking laws.

•Reports of a vehicle driving by several times on Freeman Avenue.

•Report of a runaway on Fairway Drive.

•Order of protection violation reported.

•Deputy conducted a follow-up on a previous incident.

•Report of children throwing rocks at her dog on Warren Street.

•Complainant reported a runaway on Fairway Drive.

•Complainant reported a vehicle throwing fireworks on Main Street.

May 22

•Complainant requested deputy for a disorderly patient.

•Complainant requested a welfare check.

•Complainant reported a motion alarm on 231st Street.

•Stoplight out on Main Street.

•Complainant reported property damage in Beaver Creek.

•Deputy observed hearing on Brown Street.

•Stoplight out on Cedar Street.

•Complainant reported a stalled vehicle in Jasper.

•Report of harassment in Hills.

•Harassment reported in Hills.

•Complainant requested an attempt warrant service on Barck Street.

•Complainant reported black truck peeling out and speeding around town by Donaldson Street.

May 23

•Complainant reported a red pickup ran the Edgerton Christian School stop arm.

•Complainant reported someone stole potato plow on 134th Ave.

•Complainant reported an altercation on Freeman Avenue.

•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy about a personal matter.

•Complainant reported a bicycle theft on Maple Street.

•Complainant reported a 4-wheeler driving erratically around radio station road.

May 24

•Complainant requested eviction summons to be served in Steen.

•Complainant reported two people out of the van on County Road 2. They may be fighting.

•Complainant reported some kids playing in the road on Kniss Avenue. One of them almost got hit.

•Complainant reported a trailer parked on the wrong side of the street on Donaldson Street.

•Complainant reported they evicted tenants on Main Street and they were supposed to be out by 6.

•Complainant reported holdup alarm on Kniss Avenue.

•Complainant reported a commercial burglary alarm on Kniss Avenue.

•Complainant reported a vagrant in Hardwick.

•Complainant reported people in the road on Main Street.

•Complainant reported a disorderly subject on Hatting Street.

•Complainant reported vandalism in the City Park.

In addition officers also responded to 2 transports, 8 escorts, 20 ambulance runs, 7 animal complaints. 16 burn permits, 5 fingerprints, 3 drug court tests, 1 permit to purchase/carry, 2 DWI’s, 22 traffic stops, 3 tests, 2 paper services, 2 abandon 911 calls and 3 background checks.

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