On the Record

Dispatch report

Oct. 6

•Deputy reported vehicle at Dodge St. and North Spring Street with no plates or temp tags.

•Deputy arrested suspect on a DOC warrant.

•Complainant requested to speak to a deputy about a vehicle that cut him off this morning.

•Complainant reported phone is not working properly. Advised to contact carrier.

•Complainant on E. Main Street reported subject is attempting to get into the house. Order for protection is active.

•Complainant reported a found ID on E. Main Street.

•Luverne Fire Department reported out for game.

•Pipestone picked up suspect on Rock County warrant. Deputy met at county line and transported suspect to Nobles.

•Complainant reported he thinks his dad is drinking and needs to be tested.

•Complainant reported lost iPhone 7 today. Pink and dark pink strips on the back.

•Complainant reported he fixed his girlfriend’s tire and told her it wasn’t going to last long. She told him if she had trouble on the way to work tomorrow, she was going to call the cops on him for ruining her tire. Wants a deputy to look at it tonight.

•Deputy requested an ICR for extra patrol at football field in Hills.

•Complainant reported a car driving in the eastbound lane going westbound.

•Deputy found a cooler at Luverne High School. Blue Igloo ice cube cooler. Owner claimed it.

Oct. 7

•Complainant reported when he came home there was a red Sebring sitting by his north driveway. They took off and headed east. He was at Birkett Ave. Transferred to Nobles. Called back and reported car is headed back to the same spot.

•Deputy is out doing field sobriety.

•Complainant reported suspect is threatening to kill.

•Complainant reported vehicle at The Bluestem is possibly abandoned.

•Complainant reported has not heard from subject since late last night/early morning today in Ellsworth. Checking possible locations for individual.

•Complainant on I-90 at mile marker 3 eastbound reported tire blown.

•Deputy issued a parking ticket at the Palace Theatre for parking in the yellow zone.

•Deputy reported an abandoned vehicle parked in the driveway at business on S. Kniss. Is not blocking.

•Deputy arrested suspect on DWI. Called G&S, tow to their location, pay tow bill and bring sober driver.

•Deputy is out with vehicle at Public Works. Warned for trespassing on city property.

Oct. 8

•Deputy cited driver for no proof of insurance.

•Patrol had a report of a semitrailer on its side on I-90, mile marker 20 eastbound. Contacted ACE towing. Loaded with produce. Trooper called out.

•Complainant requested a welfare check on a silver car parked at location. South Dakota plate.

•Complainant reported alarm may go off at Minnwest Bank. ADV is activated; will follow our plan of action and contact keyholder.

•Complainant reported two females fighting in Kolbert Park.

•Complainant on N. McKenzie reported finding a small bag of what he thinks might be drugs.

Oct. 9

•Complainant requested assistance in pursuit of juvenile runaway in stolen vehicle.

•Complainant reported that Hardwick City Maintenance found that the concession stand at Main and S. Ross had been broken into.

•Complainant reported that various items had been taken from outside the home at W. Lawn Park. Complainant did not want to give a written complaint and did not want to speak to a deputy. Complainant just wanted to inform law enforcement that thefts were occurring.

•Complainant reported a false alarm due to popcorn machine triggering smoke alarm. Notified alarm company.

•Complainant reported mud on Highway 75, mile marker 5.

•Complainant reported car swerving on I-90, mile marker 4. Transferred to State Patrol.

•Complainant reported alarm at location on S. Kniss.

Oct. 10

•Complainant reported stalled motorist on Highway 75, mile marker 4. Transferred complaint to State Patrol.

•Complainant reported stalled vehicle near the field at County Road 4 and 80th Avenue.

•Complainant in Beaver Creek reported that vehicles speed past her home. Complainant is concerned for her family’s welfare as there are blind spots near the property entrance and a lack of proper signage.

•Complainant reported scam phone calls.

•Complainant reported subject tried to hit her and threatened to kill her.

Oct. 11

•Complainant on N. McKenzie reported fire alarms going off. There was a fire but it’s been put out. Lots of smoke.

•Multiple complainants reported tire in the road on I-90, mile marker 19 eastbound. Contacted State Patrol.

•Complainant requested background check for pre-employment.

•Subject at Law Enforcement Center to show verification taillight was fixed per warning. Warning attached.

•Business reported for a customer that while customer was in store, wallet was taken from vehicle and items are missing.

•Complainant reported vehicle at Highway 23 northbound near Jasper for erratic driving and speeding. Transferred to State Patrol.

•Complainant reported debris on I-90, mile marker 13.

•Complainant reported debris in roadway at county roads 5 and 6.

•Complainant reported husband and adult son are in an escalating argument. Requested deputy presence.

Oct. 12

•Complainant reported credit card solicitation by phone. Unable to confirm if solicitation is from Sanford.

•Complainant requested to speak with deputy.

•Complainant requested to speak with deputy about issues with a neighbor.

•Received report from SWHHS regarding child maltreatment.

•Complainant requested welfare check on subject.

•Commercial burglary alarm activated at Koehn Avenue business.

In addition, officers responded to 3 motor vehicle accidents, 4 deer accidents, 1 transport, 7 escorts, 24 traffic stops, 24 ambulance runs, 6 paper services, 11 animal complaints, 8 log/alarm sheets, 3 fingerprint requests, 2 background checks, 4 drug court test, 7 abandoned 911 calls, and issued 12 purchase/carry permits and 3 burn permits.



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