On the Record

Dispatch report

Jan. 18

•Complainant reported a vehicle in the wrong lane in Hardwick.

•Complainant requests assistance with a vehicle pursuit in Beaver Creek.

•Complainant reported erratic drivers on E. Maple St.

•Deputies assisted another department.

Jan. 19

•Complainant requests a lodging voucher. 

•Deputy assisted with an unlock at The Laundry Room.

•Complainant reported an accident on N. Cedar St.

•Complainant reported a plow attachment was found in Beaver Creek.

•Complainant reported a theft on W. Hatting.

•Complainant reported an accident on Kniss Ave.

•Complainant requests a welfare check.

•Complainant reported an abandoned vehicle on Quarry Road.

•Complainant reported an outage.

•Complainant requested a warrant check on S. Estey St.

•Complainant requested assistance on N. Spring St. 

Jan. 20

•Complainant reported subject trespassing in Beaver Creek.

•Complainant reports suspicious activity on W. Luverne St.

•Complainant reported trespassing in Hardwick. 

•Deputy assisted subjects with property exchange on W. Warren St.

Jan. 21

•Complainant reported he will be doing bird surveys in the Beaver Creek area.

•Complainant reported a pedestal with line gear in it was run over by a truck on Kniss Ave.

•Complainant reported her wallet was missing from W. Main St. on Saturday night.

•Fire Department reported they would be out for drill and training.

•Complainant reported a stoplight outage on Main St.

Jan. 22

•Complainant reported cars are not moving on Freeman Ave when it snows. 

•Complainant reported an issue with her daughter on W. Hatting St.

•Complainant reported someone stole his till in Hills. 

•Complainant conducted a follow up on N. Estey St. 

•Complainant reported a hit and run on N. Spring St.

•Complainant requested to speak to a deputy regarding juvenile harassment.

•Complainant reported his carbon monoxide detector is going off in Magnolia.

•Complainant reported a broken water line on E. Dodge. 

Jan. 23

•Complainant reported an accident on Britz Dr.

•Complainant reported they found property in Hills.

•Complainant requested a welfare check.

•Complainant reported a vehicle has been parked on Spring St. for too long and has been plowed around several times. 

•Alarm reported on S. Kniss Ave.

•Deputy assisted another agency in Magnolia.

Jan. 24

•Complainant reported a burglary alarm on S. Kniss Ave.

•Complainant reported construction signs in the middle of the road on County Rd. 8.

•Complainant requested a welfare check.

•Complainant reported  there is a client on Spring St. that wants to make a theft report.

•Complainant reported a bus stop arm violation on S. Donaldson St.

•Complainant requested escort to the impound for vehicle retrieval.

•Complainant reported a gas drive off in Beaver Creek.

•Complainant requested property from the impound.

•Complainant reported interior motion alarm activated in Hardwick. 

In addition officers also responded to 1 deer accident, 3 vehicles in the ditch, 9 escorts, 24 ambulance runs, 3 animal complaints, 8 burn permits, 5 drug court tests, 6 permit to purchase/carry applications, 12 paper service attempts, 3 traffic stops, 1 test and 2 abandon 911 calls. 

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