May 7 On the record


Dispatch report

April 24

•Deputy arrested subject for DWI. Driver was taken to jail for second degree DWI.

•Southwest Health and Human Services reported a vulnerable adult.

•Southwest Health and Human Services reported a man from Minneapolis came in and expected them to give him an apartment and other things. He was told to go to the Rock County Sheriff’s Office to ask about a voucher from Salvation Army for the night. He didn't want anything to do with the Sheriff’s Office and told them he would just stay in their parking lot and sleep in his car. They want him checked on, and if he’s still there tonight, he needs to leave.

•Complainant requested a residence check for two weeks.

•Complainant requested a deputy come and arrest subject and administer a portable Breathalyzer test on him. Subject was taken to jail for a probation violation.

•Complainant reported there were two kids playing on the railroad tracks and putting stuff on the tracks 1/4 mile north on County Rd. 13.

•Complainant reported a 5-year-old child got off the patio and onto the roofline. The dog followed the kids. Parents are now aware of the situation.

•Complainant requested a deputy to drive by each night to check on drivers of four-wheelers racing and jumping the track at W. Warren and S. East Park streets.

•Complainant reported a teen just left the house and should not be out at this time of the night.

April 25

•Deputy reported a whole trailer worth of furniture is sitting out on the lawn on W. Mead Court. Will advise the city.

•Complainant from Hills requested prom attendees be tested for alcohol.

•Complainant requested deputy be present for property exchange.

•Complainant reported a railroad crossing malfunction on 20th Avenue. They have dispatched personnel to fix it.

•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy about problems she has going on in her life. Deputy requested someone from the Crisis Center come and talk to her.

•Complainant reported a cat bite that occurred on 91st Street.

•Complainant reported that he is trying to sell his house and his sister keeps going into the house and taking things. She has been told to stay out but said she would break in and take things if she has to.

•Complainant reported no water at McDonald’s. Notified city.

•Deputy cited driver for no Minnesota driver’s license and no insurance. Requested G&S to tow.

•Deputy cited driver for no Minnesota driver’s license and passenger for open bottle. Vehicle was released to a valid driver.

•Deputy reported juvenile male was hanging out in the parking lot and was told to move on.

•Deputy collected a bike that was on the 600 block of W. Edgehill Street and put it in the impound.

April 26

•Deputy warned several juveniles for a curfew violation.

•Dispatcher received a 911 call with whispering. Caller was hard to understand but sounded like the word suicide. Deputies located individuals and transported two males to the law enforcement center. One was cited for underage consumption and released to his mother. The other was transported to jail for disorderly and underage consumption.

•Complainant reported an old-style green Buick doing donuts in the parking lot on W. Hatting Street on the east side of Stone Creek Townhomes.

•Complainant reported a motorist broke down on 100th Avenue and County Rd. 4. Driver is walking around like he is lost.

•Complainant reported his daughter is attempting to run away on foot. He is following her in his vehicle.

•Deputy reported a pickup whipping circles out on County Rd. 4 near County Rd. 11. Deputy stopped vehicle and driver was cited for reckless driving.

April 27

•Complainant reported possible identity theft.

•Complainant reported a white Chevy Silverado ran the stop arm at S. Blue Mound and Main streets.

•Complainant reported identity theft. Entered into NCIC.

•Complainant reported debris in the roadway on I-90 westbound MM 6.

•Complainant reported a red sedan almost forced him off the road and exited going south on County Rd. 3. Will sign a complaint.

•Complainant reported that someone stole a “tenant parking only” sign that was bolted to a tree on their rental properties on E. Luverne Street.

April 28

•Complainant from Hardwick reported a man was burning in his backyard and it’s after midnight and complainant thought the burn ban was still on. Sent deputies to speak with subject.

•Complainant reported possible sexual abuse.

•Complainant reported possible child abuse.

•Complainant requested deputies for a disorderly person.

•Reserved for a search warrant.

•Complainant reported problems with custody issues.

•Complainant reported someone hit her mailbox on E. Fairway Drive.

•Complainant reported vandalism to vehicle.

•Complainant reported subject threatened to beat him up.

•Deputies served a warrant on subject for Blue Earth County. Subject bonded out.

April 29

•Complainant requested to speak to a deputy about some personal issues going on in her life.

•Complainant reported subject violated an order for protection a couple of days ago.

•Complainant reported issuance of a bad check to Glen’s Food Center on March 6.

•Complainant reported subject took his car without his permission from the motel and parked it by her garage.

April 30

•Deputy arrested subject for DWI and took him to jail.

•Complainant requested a welfare check on an individual after a strange phone call.

•Complainant reported he was doing a controlled burn, and he started the neighbor’s field on fire by accident. It’s getting out of control. Paged Luverne F.D.

•Complainant reported subject is holding a baby and driving. Vehicle is headed eastbound on I-90 from Luverne.

•Complainant reported theft of TVs between April 20 and April 30.

•Complainant from Steen reported he heard two gunshots south of his house last night.

•Complainant from Hills requested to speak with a deputy in regard to a property dispute among family members.

•Complainant from Magnolia reported two kids tearing around Magnolia on a lime green four-wheeler. They did donuts in the elevator parking lot.

•Complainant reported she is unable to get in touch with her mother and requested a deputy check on her.

•Complainant from Hardwick reported they have a car that they own parked in the field approach on 251st Street and will try to pick it up tomorrow.

In addition, officers responded to 2 motor vehicle accidents, 29 ambulance runs, 1 paper service, 4 animal complaints, 1 false alarm, 4 fingerprint requests, 5 driver’s license record requests, 7 log/alarm sheets, 5 drug court tests, 4 purchase/carry permits, 21 alcohol compliance checks and issued 22 burn permits.

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