May 21 On the record


Dispatch report

May 8

•Deputy arrested subject for trespassing and disorderly conduct. He is quite intoxicated and won’t leave. He was taken to jail.

•Complainant reported that his wife’s vehicle broke down on Hwy. 23, just off I-90. It is a 2012 maroon Ford diesel. He will take her to work and come back and get it. Notified state patrol.

•Deputy requested G&S to tow a vehicle that is not currently registered and is sitting on the street.

•Deputy stopped subjects at 11th Street and 80th Avenue and told them it was not a good place to park. Female party reported she is there on her own free will.

May 9

•Complainant requested an escort onto his property because of his court order.

•Complainant reported he owns an apartment and someone threw a TV in the dumpster. The garbage has been picked up but he would like a deputy to speak with the offender.

•Deputy reported a vehicle all over the road on 60th Avenue and Hwy. 270.

•Deputy reported two 14-year-olds sitting in a building on top of the bales. They were advised not to sit there.

•Complainant reported a vehicle has been parked on E. Dodge Street for a long time and has not moved. Deputy requested G&S to tow to their lot until someone claims it. It has a low or flat front tire.

•Complainant requested a welfare check on her sister.

•Complainant reported vandalism to a vehicle in Luverne.

May 10

•Complainant reported there was a fire in a vehicle on N. McKenzie Street but it looks like they got it out. Deputy advised fire is out. Owners are attempting to get the car onto a trailer to move it because it did spark and start on fire when they started it.

•Complainant reported vandalism to a window.

•Complainant requested a deputy accompany him onto the property because of an order.

•Complainant was unable to contact father and requested a welfare check. He was located in Sioux Falls at the hospital.

•Complainant reported a power line leaning like it could fall. Alliant Energy was notified.

•Complainant called 911 and hung up when dispatcher answered. Sent deputy who said everything is OK.

May 11

•Complainant reported the new horizon hog barn is on fire. Possibly someone inside. Had Pipestone County page out Jasper, Edgerton and Pipestone fire departments. Jasper requested we page Hardwick and Luverne fire departments.

•Complainant reported there is a motorcycle that is parked across from the library and it’s been there for a long time. Sent deputy to check it out.

•Complainant reported a truck drove over the construction barricade on Edgehill Street. Complainant ran the truck down but the truck driver denied driving over it.

•Complainant requested a deputy be present as they take a child out of the house.

•Complainant reported a vehicle partially blocking the roadway on Hwy. 75, 1/2 mile north of the Iowa border. Vehicle is not occupied. Notified state patrol.

•Complainant reported a couple of boys were shooting a BB gun in town and took the gun from them and would like a deputy to come there. Deputy advised that he has the BB gun. If the parents call, he will talk with them.

•Complainant reported subject is burning plastic and it’s toxic. Complainant would like a deputy to go speak with the subject. Deputy advised subject will be cited for burning prohibited materials.

May 12

•Trooper arrested subject for DWI. He was passed out behind the wheel on I-90 and they had a hard time waking him up. Deputy took him to jail.

•Complainant reported a small child alone and crying because he can’t find his family. Deputy advised the child’s grandmother found him.

•Complainant reported theft of medication and personal papers and she knows who did it.

•Complainant requested extra patrol on Donaldson Street because the traffic has increased due to road construction and cars are speeding.

•Complainant requested an escort onto his property because of a court order.

•Reserved for predatory offender registration.

•Complainant reported a green/white truck and trailer was headed into Minnesota and the doors on the back of the trailer were open with a load starting to shift. Deputy was unable to located the vehicle; must have turned off.

•Reserved for narcotics info.

•Complainant reported animal abuse and wanted it recorded that she called about this. Animal and owners reside in Minnehaha County so she was told to contact them.

May 13

•Lifeline requested help for an individual in her apartment who can’t stand up to get out of her chair.

•Deputy stopped a vehicle and cited driver for no Minnesota driver’s license.

•Lifeline called and requested someone help woman who can’t get up.

•Complainant reported vandalism to his door.

•Deputy spoke with parties walking in the ditch on I-90 MM 6 westbound. Vehicle was on the side of the road with hazards on. Parties said they were looking for a license plate and a hat.

•Complainant reported there was a couple outside screaming profanity at each other and there was a small child in the house. Complainant was concerned for them and for the child. Sent deputy to check on them.

•Deputy stopped a vehicle and subject did not show a valid driver’s license. Deputy secured the vehicle and gave subject a ride to Magnolia.

May 14

•Complainant reported some kids burned something at the corner near N. Oakley Street. Sent deputy to check it out.

•Brown County, South Dakota, sheriff sent a copy of a warrant to pick subject up at his residence in Hills. Sent deputy who said subject no longer resides there.

•Complainant reported they have received two calls from an unknown number ordering pizzas and both have been fake orders. The last one requested it be delivered to Ellsworth. When driver contacted people at that location they said they did not order a pizza.

•Deputy reported suspicious activity in one of the pocket parks.

•Complainant reported a vehicle parked in their parking lot and it doesn’t belong to any employees.


In addition, deputies responded to 1 deer accident, 3 funeral escorts, 15 ambulance runs, 6 paper services, 7 animal complaints, 1 false alarm, 3 fingerprint requests, 1 driver’s license check, 1 gas drive-off, 7 log/alarm sheets, 1 drug court test, issued 6 purchase/carry permits and issued 20 burn permits.


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