April 30 On the record


Dispatch Report

April 17

•Complainant reported someone tried to get into the building on E. Lincoln Street.

•Complainant reported that a fire is getting out of control around County Rd. 8 and smoke is over the road. Complainant reported that subject has a history of burning other people’s property. Checked it out and nothing appears to be out of control. Subject called in a controlled burn.

•Complainant reported that earlier his neighbor had been burning and he called the fire department. Deputy advised he spoke with complainant about this and told him to call the sheriff on Monday.

•Complainant reported she tried to withdraw money at the ATM and the transaction went through but the money did not come out. Contacted officer of the bank and were advised nothing could be done until tomorrow.

•Complainant reported she spoke with Social Services about her brother abusing her trust fund and she needs to report it to the sheriff’s office, too.

•Complainant reported that the last resident was evicted from this residence and no one should be there. Owner was contacted and advised there is a window out and lights on. Deputy reported the house was searched and everything appears to be fine.

April 18

•Deputy conducted a traffic stop on County Rd. 17 and 61st Street. Erwin’s was contacted to tow vehicle.

•Complainant reported they are releasing subject from jail and can’t get hold of the victim. Deputy went to victim’s house but there was no one home. Will try later.

•Complainant reported subject is being destructive, breaking things and threatening to harm himself and others. Deputy transported subject to the ER for a mental health evaluation.

•Deputy arrested subject for DWI and took him to jail.

•Dispatcher received a 911 call with only static on the other end. No answer on callback and no answer from manager. Deputy advised the office was locked and no one was there. Phone problem.

•Complainant reported her sister punched her in the face and won’t let her leave. Deputy advised complainant did not wish to press charges. She took her children and left.

April 19

•Complainant reported there is someone throwing things at his house and they broke a window. Complainant believes he knows who did it and they are having a party in his garage. Deputy reported most of the parties were asked to leave the property and not come back.

•Complainant reported her sister is being threatened. Deputy spoke with subject and advised him to quit bothering her.

•Pipestone County received a report of a possible domestic in Rock County. Daughter left residence.

April 20

•Dispatcher received a 911 call with static on the line. No answer on callback. Sent deputy. Finally reached owner on cell phone who said everything was OK.

•Complainant reported subject called and made some veiled threats to their business.

•Complainant reported wood lying on the railroad tracks in the middle of S. Kniss Avenue.

•Complainant reported subject just came in and smells like alcohol. He is no longer there.

•Complainant reported she is being harassed.

•Complainant reported a fall detection alarm. Contacted subject’s son and he said everything is OK.

April 21

•Complainant reported someone broke a window last night.

•Complainant reported someone hacked her computer and is threatening to crash it if she doesn’t send $200 to an offshore account. Complainant stated subject shut her computer down while on the phone with her. Subject stated he is from Microsoft.

•Complainant reported loud music on W. Mead Court. Deputy spoke with the resident about the noise and they said they would keep it down.

April 22

•Complainant reported they had fall detection alarm. Contacted subject to see if she needed an ambulance and she said she did not and would let Lifeline know.

•Complainant came to the RCSO to turn in pills and wanted us to count and take possession of them. Complainant was advised that we don’t do this and all she had to do was put them in the container in the lobby.

April 23

•Deputy conducted a traffic stop and cited subject for driving after revocation and had the vehicle towed by G & S.

•Complainant reported he found a wallet. Contacted owner and property was returned.

•Complainant requested we stand by while they repo a propane tank from subject who has not paid her bill and has made threats against the company.

•Reserved for narcotics info.

•Complainant reported an assault that occurred at school in Hills. Her daughter is the victim.

In addition, officers responded to 1 motor vehicle accident, 1 deer accident, 1 transport, 1 funeral escort, 18 ambulance runs, 1 paper service, 3 animal complaints, 1 false alarm, 1 driver’s license check, 1 gas drive-off, 8 log/alarm sheets, 3 drug court tests, 2 purchase/carry permits and issued 27 burn permits.

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