Brothers Bud (left) and Don Rust show the sign Don made in his wood shop for the Kenneth Community Center.

Rust makes sign proclaiming Kenneth folks as 'Salt of Earth'

Kenneth, Minnesota, is a small rural town with an official population of 67.

To outsiders, the dot on the map doesn’t mean much, but to those who live there and make their regular acquaintances at the Kenneth Community Center, it’s the best place on earth.

Just ask the Rust brothers; they’ll attest that Kenneth people are “salt of the earth.”

Bud, Keith and Don Rust joined the morning coffee group on May 4 to present them with a sign proclaiming just that.

A four-foot-long finished wood sign says, “Home of the Salt of the Earth Club — Kenneth, Minnesota.”

Don Rust made it in his backyard wood shop in New York to honor his friends back home.

“These are the people who have a whole different set of values,” he said. “They’re a special kind of people who live out here in these little towns.”

He said the ones who make time to connect with each other are especially noble.

“They’re from all walks of life, and they come in every day and have a great time,” Don said about the Kenneth coffee club.

In his mind, they’re “salt of the earth,” mentioned in the book of Matthew where Jesus, in his Sermon on the Mount, tells his followers (mainly fisherman and common people), “Ye are the salt of the earth.”

In researching the reference further, Don found the phrase to define basically good people who give “meaning or flavor to life’s existence.”

In the solid mahogany wood sign, he made it official during coffee in Kenneth on May 4 when he and his brothers presented it to their friends.

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