Rebates offered for air conditioner tune-ups


Luverne Municipal Utility is offering a $30 rebate for homeowners who have their central air conditioner or air-source heat pump professionally conditioned.

As part of the service, contractors will clean coils and drains, check the refrigerant charge and belts, and inspect the entire system, including fins.

“Having your cooling system tuned up helps ensure it is working as efficiently as possible, and helps prevent future problems and unexpected costs,” said Robyn Wessels, deputy finance clerk for the city of Luverne.

Through its Bright Energy Solutions® program, Luverne Municipal Utility offers a variety of cash incentives to customers who install energy-efficient equipment such as central air conditioners and heat pumps, as well as ductless mini-split systems.

Rebates are also available for programmable thermostats, as well as variable speed motors in new furnaces or air handlers.

To learn more about the variety of rebates available to residential and business customers of your hometown utility, call 507-449-2388 or visit

Bright Energy Solutions is a unique portfolio of energy efficiency cash incentives that help residential and business customers reduce their electric energy costs and operate more efficiently.

The program is offered to customers of participating municipal utilities who are members of Sioux Falls-based Missouri River Energy Services.

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