Gropel to lead DNA Genealogy 101 Class

DNA is often associated with solving crime, but it has become a “red-hot” tool used by genealogists to expand their traditional genealogy as well as to solve family mysteries.

Luverne’s Gregg Gropel, a member of the Ostfriesland Genealogy Society of America, has been immersed in a DNA self-study course and will be on hand to share his findings in a presentation he has titled “DNA Genealogy 101.”

The one-session presentation will be offered Thursday, May 5, starting at 6:30 p.m. in the Luverne Community Education classroom, CE802.

According to Gropel, Genealogy DNA 101 is designed to acquaint participants with the basics of DNA. Among those basics are the types of DNA tests, which test to use, names of testing companies, cost factors, how DNA can be used to discover lost cousins, and how certain tests will identify your ancestors’ migration pattern as well as your ethnicity.

When all is said and done, putting DNA into your genealogy tool chest might just help “break down those brick walls,” expand your hard-copy genealogy, and reveal some real family surprises.

To register for the DNA Genealogy 101 presentation, call Luverne Community Education at 283-4724.

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