A team of volunteers organized by Larry Smith spent May 13 loading and unloading dozens of semi-trailer loads of grain, emptying all the storage bins on the Hup family farm south of Luverne.Debbie Hup (left) and Larry Smith

Friends help family members of the late Steve Hup organize transport of grain

In the true spirit of Rock County generosity, more than a dozen area farmers rallied to help out a fellow farm family.

The late Steve Hup, who passed away March 30 in a car accident, had dozens of semi loads of grain stored in bins on his farmyard.

Realizing this grain would need to be hauled, Hup’s friends Larry Smith, Steve Top and Tony Bosch organized a team of volunteers to get the job done.

On May 13 a parade of semitrailers showed up on the Hup farm to start hauling, and in a single day the majority of work was completed.

“My family and I are very humbled by the community’s support and help that we have had over the past month and a half since my dad passed away,” said Andrea Hup-Kovarna, daughter of Steve and Debbie Hup.

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