Luverne-Adrian FFA Chapter officers for the 2016-17 are (front, left) Tyler Reisdorfer, Kris Severtson, Michael Kinsinger, Eli Bakken, Kaylie Ossefoort, adviser Dennis Moritz, (back) Cody Sasker, Aric Meinerts, Tyler Fick and Dylan Mente. Not pictured is Will Natte.Earning the local chapter’s top awards are (from left) Karissa Hamann, ag placement; Stephanie Riggs, agribusiness; Ryleigh Beers, star farmer and DeKalb award; and Trevor Mente, greenhand.

FFA'ers receive well deserved recognition

The Luverne-Adrian FFA Chapter annual awards banquet was Tuesday, March 29, at the Luverne Elementary School commons.

The 2015-16 FFA chapter officer team conducted the meeting. Officers include Ryleigh Beers, president; Stephanie Riggs, vice president; Madi Oye, secretary; Kris Severtson, treasurer; Jacob Van Santen, reporter; Eli Bakken, sentinel; and Jeremiah Dooyema, parliamentarian.

Numerous awards were given out for member achievements.



Scholarship pins were awarded to members who achieved 3.2 grade point averages during the school year.

First-time recipients were Brooke Brust, Trevor Mente, Paige Hinrichs, Riley Severtson, Will Stegenga, Paige Madison, Nick Overgaard, Tucker Sievers, Emily Zemler, Hannah Kruse and Genna Natte.

Repeat recipients include Hans Bakken, Trey Baustian, Tyler Fick, Aric Meinerts, Dylan Mente, Tyler Reisdorfer, Cody Sasker, McKenna Westphal, Will Natte, JJ Dooyema, Tommy Norman, Kris Severtson, Tanner Baustian, Ryleigh Beers, Madi Oye, Stephanie Riggs, Mira Uithoven, Jacob Van Santen, Jeffrey Cauwels, Josh Zemler, Mackenzie Wagner and Megan Tweet.



Leadership pins are awarded to members who have earned at least 100 points or more during the past year. The award is also given to all senior FFA members.

Pins were earned by Michael Kinsinger, Trevor Mente, Aleck Schoeneman, Riley Severtson, Grace Steensma, Will Stegenga, Hannah Kruse, Eli Bakken, Trey Baustian, Payton Fick, Tyler Fick, Dylan Mente, Genna Natte, Tyler Reisdorfer, Riley Baker, Jeremiah Dooyema, Will Natte, Kris Severtson, Tanner Baustian, Madi Oye, Stephanie Riggs, Jacob Van Santen, Ryleigh Beers, Karissa Hamann, Brandon Oakley, Eric Tofteland, Megan Tweet, Mira Uithoven, Mackenzie Wagner and Merrissa Brandt.



Greenhand pins were presented to first-year FFA members Brooke Brust, Paige Hinrichs, Halle Hough, Michael Kinsinger, Trevor Mente, Tyler Moss, Kaylie Ossefoort, Breanna Richters, Adayla Rouzer, Aleck Schoeneman, Riley Severtson, Tucker Siever, Max Skattum, Grace Steensma, Will Stegenga, Paige Madison, Hannah Kruse, Emily Zemler, Mitchell Buss, Genna Natte, Jayda Walgrave, Jared Jose, Itzel Soto and Nick Overgaard.

Chapter degree pins (two-year members) were awarded to Eli Bakken, Hans Bakken, Trey Baustian, Amber DeGroot, Payton Fick, Tyler Fick, Alena Hilfers, Aric Meinerts, Dylan Mente, Tyler Reisdorfer, Cody Sasker, Ethan Thorson, McKenna Westphal, Jeffrey Cauwels, Will Natte, Jack Baustian, Eric Tofteland and Jacob Van Santen.



Proficiency plaques are given out to all the chapter members who have a Supervised Agricultural Experience project and have kept records on that project. The following received proficiency plaques:

Freshmen: Riley Severtson, grain production placement, and Emily Zemler, small animal production and care.

Sophomores: Jeffrey Cauwels, beef production entrepreneurship; Amber DeGroot, agricultural services placement, forage production entrepreneurship, vegetable production placement; Tyler Fick, beef production entrepreneurship; Alena Hilfers, agricultural services placement, vegetable production placement; Ethan Thorson, agricultural mechanics design and fabrication placement.

Juniors: Kris Severtson, beef production entrepreneurship; Itzel Soto, agricultural services placement; Josh Zemler, goat production.

Seniors: Ryleigh Beers, agricultural services proficiency placement, beef production entrepreneurship, home and/or community development, swine production entrepreneurship; Karissa Hamann, agricultural services proficiency placement; Stephanie Riggs, agricultural services proficiency placement; Micah Stensland-Bos, beef production entrepreneurship, agricultural mechanics design entrepreneurship; Megan Tweet, beef production entrepreneurship; Jacob Van Santen, agricultural mechanics design and fabrication placement, dairy production placement; and Mackenzie Wagner, beef production entrepreneurship.


Star awards

Star awards are given to the top member in four categories: Ryleigh Beers, star farmer; Stephanie Riggs, agribusiness; Karissa Hamann, ag placement; and Trevor Mente, greenhand.


DeKalb award

DeKalb Ag Accomplishment award went to Ryleigh Beers for her academic standing, FFA supervised agricultural experiences and recordkeeping and leadership activities.


Next year’s officer team

Officers for the 2016-2017 are Kris Severtson, president; Will Natte, vice president; Kaylie Ossefoort, secretary; Tyler Fick, treasurer; Tyler Reisdorfer, reporter; Michael Kinsinger, sentinel; Eli Bakken, parliamentarian; Cody Sasker, historian; Aric Meinerts, officer-at-large; and Dylan Mente, student adviser.



Fourteen FFA’ers will graduate from the high school FFA program.

They are Jack Baustian, Tanner Baustian, Ryleigh Beers, Merrissa Brandt, Karissa Hamann, Brandon Oakley, Madi Oye, Nick Overgaard, Stephanie Riggs, Megan Tweet, Eric Tofteland, Mira Uithoven, Jacob Van Santen, and Mackenzie Wagner.

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