$165,000 available for damaged conservation practices


As anyone with farm ground knows, the extreme rainfall events in June of 2014 caused severe erosion on farm ground in Rock County.  Gullies were cut through crop fields and ditches filled with sediment.

Fields that had conservation practices in place such as terraces, waterways and sediment basins didn’t sustain as much damage as those without, but many will require repairs.

Examples of the damages needing repair could be a sediment basin or terrace washout or channelization along each side of an existing waterway. 

The state of Minnesota has awarded Rock Soil and Water Conservation (SWCD) $165,000 to fix these existing conservation practices that had damage from the 2014 storm. 

The Rock SWCD Board has voted to provide 80 percent cost share to repair existing conservation practices.

The repairs must receive approval before starting the repairs and be done according to Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Standards to be eligible for this cost share.

Potentially cost share money for installing new conservation practices may also be available.

The Minnesota State Legislature is debating the funding in the last days of this session. If you feel that there is a need for this type of assistance, it would be prudent to contact your legislators.

Sen. Bill Weber can be reached at Sen.Bill.Weber@senate.mn or 651-296-5650 and Rep. Joe Schomacker can be reached at joe.schomacker@gmail.com or at 507-935-0308

If you have existing conservation practices that were damaged in the June 2014 storms, please contact the Rock County SWCD/Land Management office at 507-283-58862 ext. 4 or stop in.

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