<CENTER><B>Primary to narrow South<br> Ward council choices</B></CENTER>

By Sara Quam

After next Tuesday's primary, Luverne voters will learn their final choices for the South Ward Alderman seat.

Incumbent Alexander "Alex" Frick and challengers David Hauge and David Cook are listed on the Sept. 12 primary ballot. The South Ward City Council seat is the only local item on the primary because more than two candidates filed in that ward.

The ballot will also include U.S. senators, U.S. representatives, state senators and state representatives.

The theme for new City Council candidates has been a steady cry for change.

To that, Frick said, "Change is not inherently good; it could be a change for the worse."

He said that he's enjoyed his time on the council and in his two years of voting, he would not change one vote.

Frick said he realizes the use of tax increment financing has been a top issue for many in the city. "You can't be a one-issue candidate because that issue is not going to come up again," Frick said, referring to the Jubilee expansion project.

Popular opinion influencing councilmen is not a wise way to run the city, Frick said. "We're elected to make decisions based on facts as they're presented. We're not elected to stick our finger in the air and see which way the wind is blowing," Frick said.

"We need someone who looks into facts, uses common sense and good judgment and votes on that regardless of popularity."

As a homeowner and business owner, Frick said he is able to fully appreciate taxpayer concerns. To Frick, objectivity is key in this elected position. He has been to state-sponsored educational seminars for council members that have helped him more fully understand all levels of city operation and decision making.

Frick indicated that if he is eliminated in the primary vote, he won't likely run for the office again.

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