Danielle LaFleur

People in the News June 3, 2021

Danielle LaFleur, a licensed practical nurse at Sanford Luverne Clinic, received the Florence Nightingale Award earlier this month at a Sanford Health nursing recognition event conducted in Sioux Falls.

“LaFleur fills many roles in the Luverne clinic,” said clinic director Laurie Jensen.’

“She acts as the primary nurse for Dr. (Myles) Tieszen, our general surgeon. She also plays an important role in supporting patients with psychological needs.”

Each year Sanford Health honors nurses and other health care professionals during National Nurses Week. Awards are given in nine categories. This year 320 nominations were submitted.

The Florence Nightingale Award recognizes nurses for outstanding involvement in the practice of the art and science of nursing — as evidenced by strength of character, commitment and competence that has been recognized through their peers as an outstanding asset to the community, nursing profession and the Sanford Health organization.

LaFleurs nomination comments included:

•Danielle exhibits strong organizational and critical thinking skills with attention to detail to avoid error and delay treatment.

•She understands the challenges of Telehealth, coordinating patient needs with a remote physician. She floats through the clinic, helping wherever she is needed.

•Danielle is an efficient, caring and compassionate nurse and deserves to be recognized as an exceptional example of an LPN working to the top of her licensure.

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