People in the News Aug. 4, 2022

Stratton solves ‘Codebreaker Challenge’

Luverne High School graduate Logan Stratton was recently recognized for solving the Codebreaker Challenge with Dakota State University, Madison, South Dakota.

The four-month-long challenge, sponsored by the National Security Agency, helps students develop reverse-engineering and low-level code analysis skills while working on a realistic problem set centered around the NSA’s mission.

It requires a mix of forensic analysis, reverse engineering, software development and exploitation skills that would be required in real-life NSA missions.

Each year includes a different emphasis, and the recent competition included an example of a drone network and a malware focus.

The competition has been offered since 2013, and this year’s challenge involved 5,400 participants from 631 academic institutions.

Stratton has competed in several of the challenges, and this is the second time he has solved it. There were about 40 who solved the competition this year; in 2020 he was one of only six to solve it.

“This is one of the most realistic skills that can be used in several different aspects of the cybersecurity industry,” Stratton said.

“Knowing these basics usually will help complete a multitude of areas or focus that could come up in the future.”

Stratton, son of James and Jennifer Stratton, recently graduated from DSU with degrees in cyber operations and computer science.

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