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Preuss: 'Govern less and more good will come'

To the Editor:

Reading Mr. Pick’s letter reminded me to look on the other side of things.

I agree that 1,700 firms should pay taxes. However, it was 536 politicians in D.C. that passed laws that made it possible for them to avoid paying taxes.

Also, is it possible that a man who has been married three times to be a misogynist? If his present wife is an immigrant, is he a Xenophobe?

If Liberals want diversity and inclusiveness, why do they “deplore” conservatives? Conservatives want to cut taxes but not the deficit. Isn’t that like taking a pay cut and paying your bills with a credit card?

I was shocked to read that 8,000 bills were entered last year in our legislature. Do we need that many bills to keep us in line or should we pass laws to keep our legislators in line?

Finally, am I alone in thinking that politicians do not know what is best for each individual? My thought is to govern less and more good will come.

Bill Preuss



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