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To the Editor:

It is sad to read all the problems plaguing the Blue Mounds State Park, beginning with the flood of 2014 that took out the lake.

Growing up, the lake was a big draw for recreation. In the picture of the dam in the Star Herald after the flood, the dam appears to be OK. Just a big gully washed out at the end of the dam. The whole dam should not have to be replaced at the cost of millions of dollars. It would seem that about 10 truckloads of dirt and a few loads of rock to face toward the lake would fix and replace the lake again at a low cost.

I know clean water is the most important thing needed for the park and campers. It is the hardest to fix. Rural Water perhaps is the answer if you can get it there.

If they don’t fix anything, they soon have nothing.

Marvin Kroontje


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