Letter to the Editor:

Bill creates food access

Dear editor:

I want to applaud Senator Bill Weber for introducing a bill at the capitol to fund the Minnesota Good Food Access Program, which was created last year to increase opportunities for Minnesotans to buy healthy and affordable foods in locations that currently lack access to such foods. The bill is especially important for parts of rural Minnesota where the health of seniors and children is often impacted because of the distance to a grocery store or other food outlets. One of the great features of the program is the flexibility it will provide communities and businesses to create opportunities that work best to help serve the food needs of local residents  – be it a grocery store, expanded offerings at a convenience store, a farmers market or even food markets on wheels. Luverne residents have access to several healthy and affordable food options while others in rural Minnesota do not, but everyone will benefit from this bill. The importance and benefits of Senator Weber’s legislation is clear in its bipartisan support. Both Republicans and Democrats are cosponsoring the bill with him, something that doesn’t happen very often these days.


Paula Bloemendaal



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