Letter to the Editor:

'Red, White and Blue in the Darkness'

To the Editor:

I wrote this poem years ago, but the events of the past week prompted me to consider it once again.


Red White and Blue in the Darkness

America, America,

God shed His grace on thee,

And crown thy good with brotherhood,

From sea to shining sea.

The stars and stripes is draped

From the front porch this dark morning.

Illumined by floodlight,

Casting a shadow shape of unfurled fabric.

The gallant, pure white light of truth

Seeks to push back the darkness.

Seek to wrest that flag from the hand of “Liberty

And Justice for All.”

To wrap that flag around themselves,

And in so doing to subvert all that is sacred in Democracy

To the dark forces of power and influence.

May the forces that seek to use freedom

To their own ends be recognized for their self-serving intent.

And may the light of Truth shine through the darkness

To illuminate the difficult path which lies before us.

We seek Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Justice.

Larry Green


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