Grandma and Grandpa Peterson's grandbaby babysitting experience takes another interesting turn

For what it's worth


Despite the Baby Brezza Formula debacle from our last grandbaby babysitting experience, Grandma and Grandpa Peterson were given a second chance to watch Brooke. To avoid any formula mishaps, I was banned from the Brezza machine.

The reason we were babysitting in the first place was so mom and dad could go to the Luke Bryan concert. Instead of formula maker, my role was transportation director, which, by the way, went off without a hitch.

We did have one hiccup in between the trip to and from the concert, however.

Somewhere around 9:30 or so Brooke finally drifted off to sleep, so Grandma Mary quietly placed her in the crib.

One would think that the rest of the babysitting stint would be uneventful.

… Not so much.

We were watching television and I was having a hard time hearing it, so I asked Mary how to turn up the volume.

In addition to being a neat freak, our son-in-law, Blair, is also a bit of a techno geek. He did give a remote control lesson before I took them to the concert, but I must have missed the part on volume control.

I wasn’t having much success raising the volume when Grandma Mary took over the remote control. I am not sure what she did, but all of a sudden we were at maximum volume and had no idea how to bring down the decibels level below jetliner level.

The sound was beyond loud, and after a few frantic seconds with no luck in lowering the volume, I made a mad dash to shut the door to Brooke’s bedroom.

By now, minutes had passed and the television was still cranked to max volume. We had no choice but to shut the television off. We sat in silence for just a moment, then we started laughing at ourselves. This was like an episode from the “I Love Lucy” show.

After several more attempts we finally stumbled on the correct way to control the sound, but between the eardrum bursting television and our uncontrollable laughter, Brooke was now awake … for the rest of the night, I might add.

I went back to pick mom and dad up from the concert and, of course, the first thing out of their mouths was, “How did babysitting go?”

I started laughing and had to tell them the truth. I mentioned earlier that after the Baby Brezza debacle we were happy to get a second chance at babysitting, but a third chance? That might be pushing it.

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