Formation of Kanaranzi Township

By Betty Mann Rock County Historical Society President

10 years ago (1991)

"Eighty-four players and 10 coaches will participate in the annual Kemps Classic on Saturday, Aug. 3, at Mielke Field, Robbinsdale.

Mildred Paulsen and Donna Kurtz, Ivanhoe, attended an Ombudsman Training Session at the Ramada Inn in Brainerd Thursday and Friday.

British author Frederic Raphael might have been the first modern-day person to mix restaurants with mattresses. In 1977 he wrote, "Great restaurants, of course, are nothing but mouth-brothels.

Everyone has been saying it is going to be a bug-filled summer. So far they have been right. This week we have been having what look like yellow butterflies flying all over.


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