Winning flight titles during Saturday's Women's Club Tournament are (left to right): Mary Aukes(president's flight), Sara Oldre (first flight), Wendy Evink (second flight) and Marla Van Dyk (third

By John Rittenhouse

The Luverne Redbirds were ousted from the Minnesota State Class C Amateur Baseball Tournament Thursday night in Red Wing.

Karen Fey (middle) won her 15th title during the 50th Women's Club Tournament played at the Luverne Country Club Saturday. It was Fey's third consecutive victory in the championship flight.

By John Rittenhouse

The Luverne High School tennis team opened the 2001 season at the Worthington Pre-Season Tournament Tuesday.

10 years ago (1991)

"When Rock County grain farmers awoke Monday morning their crops were worth $2.3 million less than they were Friday.


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