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Reflections on stubborn Germans and the sovereignty of God

My favorite stubborn German had a stroke last week.

My 80-year-old dad was out for a ride on his motorcycle when he noticed the sides of the road seemed out of focus.

It was hard to balance when he came to a stop at an intersection, and he didn’t pull in the clutch before he shifted. Getting the receipt at the gas station was unusually difficult. Something wasn’t right, so he rode home.

He missed the curve on the farm’s long driveway and made a wide arch on the lawn. Walking to the house was difficult. The situation seemed dire.

But it wasn’t.

A trip to the hospital and an MRI revealed the blood clot that caused the stroke was at the back of the head, not the front. The stroke was small and left no permanent damage. Dad will be back on his motorcycle in no time at all.

Just. Like. That.

Nothing really changed. There was no fatal motorcycle accident. No permanent paralysis. No brain damage. (German brains are protected by a mysterious form of thick-headedness.)

There was just a 48-hour stay in the hospital followed by orders for blood thinners and such.

But a funny thing happened during the middle of all this.

While we were still in the ER, before we knew the outcome, I was texting a friend about the situation.

My intention was to type, “so far we…” but the phone auto-corrected my typing to the word “sovereign.”

In the middle of a crisis, the word appeared out of the blue.


“Sovereign” is one of the attributes of God. God is sovereign, meaning He’s in charge of everything. Including stubborn Germans.

While things were still unfolding in the emergency room, the word from auto-correct gave me instant peace.


How did my dad make it home on his motorcycle? How did the blood clot cause no damage at all? How did he return home after just 48 hours in the hospital?

Because God is sovereign.

“It wasn’t his time.”

God has a plan, which includes Dad sticking around for a while longer. 

It feels somewhat odd going through what could have been a very serious crisis and having it be no crisis at all.

I’m just left feeling thankful for the sovereignty of God – and stubborn Germans.




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