On the Record

Dispatch report­

Aug. 31

•­Complainant reported that he is moving a garage near Dodge Street.

•Complainant requested to speak to a deputy regarding a previous call.

•Debris was reported in the roadway on Highway 75.

•Road repairs in Jasper.

•Complainant reported a verbal domestic.

•Complainant reported a dead deer on Fairway Drive.

•Complainant reported a parking complaint on Estey.

Sept. 1

•Case created for runaway information

•Deputy conducted a motorist assist on County Road 4.

•Complainant reported their house got egged on Dodge Street.

•Vandalism reported on Bishop Street.

•Complainant reported a bike theft on Mead Court.

•Fire alarm reported at the Tuff Home.

•Complainant reported a fire on County Road 8.

•Complainant reported her daughter is missing on Bishop Street.

Sept. 2

•Complainant reported a slashed tire on South Kniss Avenue.

•Property found on Warren Street.

•Complainant reported an accident with no damage on Kniss Avenue.

•Complainant reported a gas drive-off on Kniss Avenue.

•Complainant requested to speak with deputy about criminal activity in Steen.

•Complainant reported cars dangerously driving on Dodge Street.

•Complainant reported fireworks on East Bishop Street.

Sept. 3

•Complainant reported he has a flat tire on I-90 in Beaver Creek.

•Complainant on West Main Street reported a burglary alarm.

•Deputy out with trooper on I-90.

•Reserved for State Patrol arrest

•Complainant reported an erratic driver on Fairview.

•Complainant reported her husband is having a medical issue and they are en route to Rochester.

•Complainant reported an accident on I-90.

•Complainant reported someone drove through his cornfield in Jasper.

•Complainant reported someone lost a half load of tree branches on South Kniss Avenue.

•Complainant reported an assault.

•Complainant reported a commercial burglary alarm on Koehn Avenue.

•Complainant reported a drone flying in Hills.

•Reserved for patrol accident.

•Reserved for assault investigation.

•Traffic stop; narcotics citation issued.

Sept. 4

•Complainant reported vandalism to a window screen at his home.

•Complainant reported river rock all over the road on Highway 75.

•Complainant requested a deputy pick up a notice and deliver it on East Luverne Street.

•Complainant requested a welfare check on her grandmother.

•Complainant requested to speak to the sheriff about a civil issue.

•Complainant reports a guy is going door to door selling things on Linden Street.

•Complainant reported a woman selling cleaning products on NE Park Street.

•Complainant reported a two-vehicle accident on Donaldson Street.

•Deputy located a solicitor without a license on Bishop Street.

•Complainant conducted a search warrant on Warren Street.

•Complainant reported a black male walking around with cleaning products.

•Complainant reported a man soliciting on Warren Street.

•Complainant reported a order of protection violation.

•Complainant repotted threats from Vicksburgh, Michigan.

•Complainant requested a deputy drive by and see if his child is there.

•Complainant reported pushy solicitors are still on Bishop Street.

•Complainant reported some solicitors in Beaver Creek.

•Complainant reported his ex went against the court order.

•Complainant reported a break-in on Hatting Street.

•Complainant reported kids driving bad on Hampshire Circle.

•Complainant reported a solicitor on Warren Street.

Sept. 5

•Complainant reported neighbors are shooting guns in Valley Springs.

•Deputy conducted a follow up on prior case.

•Complainant conducted a warrant check in Hills.

•Deputy conducted a follow-up on previous case.

•Deputy conducted a follow up on a previous case.

•Complainant requested siren testing.

•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy.

•Vehicle parked on 111th Street and is blocking traffic.

•Deputy spoke with complainant regarding a civil issue in Mead Court.

•Complainant reported loud music in Estey Street.

Sept. 6

•Complainant reported a wrong way driver on I-90.

•Complainant reported a radio outage.

•Complainant reported several goats near the roadway on Highway 75.

•Bike theft reported on North Kniss Avenue.

•Complainant requested property from vehicle at the impound.

•Deputy released vehicle from impound.

•Complainant reported a runaway juvenile from Ellsworth.

•Reserved for runaway documentation.

•Complainant reported possible revoked driver in Beaver Creek.

•Complainant reported a fire at his neighbor’s house on Dodge Street.

•Complainant reported kids disturbing the peace in Veterans Park.

•Complainant reported a bike stolen on North Kniss Avenue.

•Complainant reported juveniles driving 4-wheelers and go-karts with no lights in Beaver Creek.

•Complainant reported an individual attempting to gain access to a hanger in Luverne.

In addition officers also responded to 1 deer accident, 7 escorts, 13 ambulance runs, 7 animal complaints, 2 burn permits, 1 drug court test, 4 permits to purchase/carry, 16 traffic stops, 6 abandon 911 calls, 2 tests and 3 fingerprint requests.

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