Remember When

10 years ago (2008)

•M-M Farm and Home Discount Store has reached an agreement with Bomgaars Supply to purchase three M-M stores in Pipestone, Slayton and Luverne.

M-M will close Sept. 30 and reopen under the new name, Bomgaars Supply, on Oct. 2. Signage and various infrastructure will change over time.

Luverne’s Merlyn Lopau owns part of M-M and said he’s undecided if he’ll use the sale as a time to retire.

“I enjoy being involved with the people,” Lopau said, so he may continue working at the store.

He said the deal with Bomgaars came together in about a month, after a year or so of M-M owners considering the idea of selling the business.


25 years ago (1993)

•According to the preliminary levy set by the Rock County Board of Commissioners, county residents will not see an increase in their property taxes next year.

“This is not a good year to increase taxes,” Commissioner Jim Lewis said.

The commissioners have been reviewing department budgets for nearly a month, most of which have requested only modest increases.

“Everyone’s been very cautious,” said Commissioner Bill Brakke. “There were very few increases.”

There are a few county departments, however, that have demonstrated a need for increased budgets and commissioners discussed the implications of those needs at their meeting Tuesday.


50 years ago (1968)

•A tourist information center for the state of Minnesota will be built about a half mile west of the Minnesota-South Dakota line on Interstate 90, Rep. Wendell L. Erickson, Hills, announced this week.

An agreement has been entered into between the two states, Rep. Erickson said, whereby South Dakota will deed the state of Minnesota the truck weighing site along the east bound lane, just inside the South Dakota line, as the truck weighing scale will not be installed.

Minnesota then will construct a building for use as the information center, which will be manned all during the tourist season.

Literature on various vacation and tourist centers in Minnesota will be available, together with maps, state park, motel hotel and resort brochures.


75 years ago (1943)

•Safe at some bomber base in England after the harrowing experience of riding a crippled “Flying Fortress” into the English channel is 2nd Lt. Lloyd S. Jansen, well known former Luverne high school football star and son of Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Hansen of Kanaranzi township.

According to a letter received by his parents, Lt. Hansen and the other members of the crew took off for a raid of the European mainland on the morning of August 16, and had just arrived over France when they were attacked by enemy fighters. The time was 9:06 a.m. The aim of the enemy was true enough to damage the ship they were flying, but the crew was optimistic enough to turn it around and head for home across the channel. They kept losing altitude, however, and at 9:20 ½ a.m., they hit the water. In one and one-half minutes, the crew evacuated the ship and had crowded into the self-inflating rubber lift rafts. They “rode the waves” in these until they were picked up by the British Air Sea Rescue service some time later.


100 years ago (1918)

•The Minnesota Commission of Public Safety late Wednesday afternoon issued an order that virtually kills the liquor traffic at Trosky. The order prohibits the sale of liquor except for immediate consumption at the bar where sold, and permits the saloon to keep open only between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Under the order the four wholesale liquor houses at Trosky will have to close and the one saloon now being operated will be unable to sell liquor of any kind by the bottle or other quantity to be carried out of the place where sold. …

A hearing on the petitions to close the liquor houses at the four places named and on the report of the committee recently appointed to investigate the conditions complained of was held by the commission Tuesday afternoon. Attorneys for the various parties interested appeared before the commission to argue the case and the entire afternoon was given over to its consideration.


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