Rock County farmer featured in Forbes

Rock County farmer Mark Gath was interviewed for an article in Forbes magazine about a startup company working with agriculture producers to “save America’s small farms.”

The story, titled “Data Farming,” features Farmers Business Network, a Silicon Valley company that helps farmers network with each other and with ag suppliers and buyers to operate en masse.

Members pay a fee to join, but they get better prices on both the goods they buy and crops they sell.

The combination of cheaper input costs and higher prices for crops, Gath told the Forbes reporter, will help his family stay on the farm that his grandfather established and that he expanded from 1,200 acres to more than 10,000. 

“They are the great equalizer in production agriculture,” he was quoted as saying in the article. “We now feel empowered again.”

The June 30 piece includes photographs of the Gath family — wife Leah and sons Dalton and Stetson.

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