Time, talent and sweat – Fair Board, 4-H families make it look easy

The county fair is one of those events that seem to go off every year without a hitch and without much effort.

Most of us arrive at the grounds, eat some cotton candy and funnel cakes, look at the bunnies and the cows, take in a grandstand event (or two) and go home thinking, “That was fun.”

What we don’t see is the thousands of volunteer hours, thousands of dollars of donated materials and the amazing talent that make the local fair seem like it happens all by itself.

One of the things to notice at the fair this year is the absence of the dreary-looking appliances and other equipment in the 4-H food stand.

Many hours have been spent planning the updates, removing the well-used equipment, brightening up the walls with new coats of paint and overall preparing the popular food venue for this week’s diners.

The impressive makeover couldn’t have been completed without the dedication of fair board members, Extension staff and 4-H families themselves.

What is even more noticeable than the inside of the food stand is the overall appearance of the fairgrounds.

Many additional hours were spent just last week opening buildings, the firemen spraying away the accumulated grime with their hoses, and 4-H families scrubbing walls and shelves and sweeping the floors until they gleamed.

The result shows the pride we take in our fairgrounds. It also makes spending time there more pleasant for visitors.

What is not so visible is the time the 4-H’ers and their families have spent at home preparing projects for this year’s fair.

Since the fair wrapped up in 2017, youth have worked behind sewing machines and practiced skills in the kitchens or woodshops, carefully putting projects together.

For those youth who bring livestock to the fair, they have spent countless hours selecting, training and grooming their animals in anticipation for the local shows and possible advancement to the state fair in late August.

We at the Star Herald have noticed these improvements and recognize the many hours involved with preparing the grounds as well as the projects completed behind the scenes.

The Rock County Fair is one of the best attractions in the area.

The hard work and improvements behind the scenes improve this event and keep it open to the public for years to come.

One of the best things you can do is attend the fair for one (or more days) this week.

Let your presence be the thank you to those who yearly prepare for this event.

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