Letter to the Editor

Fick: Seeing the real problem will help bring solutions to immigration problem

To the Editor:

Why doesn’t the United States send some military to Central America to help their local police and law enforcement restore peace and order? I am sure most of the immigrants coming to our borders would prefer to stay at home where their relatives and friends are, but because of the lawlessness must leave to seek a better and safer life.

The United States seems to think it is our duty to calm the lawlessness halfway around the world. Why, then, do we overlook this violence right in our hemisphere? It seems to me some of these foolish, costly experiments serve no purpose, only causing more costly problems. Where is all this money going to come from? The military is already on the payroll.

When the firemen are called to a fire, they aim the water at the base of the fire, the cause, not at the top of the flame. I feel we should go after the cause of this problem rather than punish the victims of these violations.

I think our representatives in Washington should live by the rules we live by. Either produce, or you get your two-week notice and you’re out of here with no benefits. They have to learn to compromise.

Robert Fick


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